6 Life Events That Deserve a Major Celebration

Remember how excited we’d get over our birthdays as kids? When our parents let us choose our party themes and cake flavors (the good-old chocolate-versus-vanilla debate), we took it seriously—maybe even more seriously than we treat most day-to-day decisions we have to make as adults. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost that childlike enthusiasm for the special occasions in our lives. We started treating them like everyday happenings instead of what they really are—reasons to celebrate ourselves. After all, we deserve it.

Call us glass-half-full thinkers, but we believe every major (okay, even minor) milestone deserves a special treat. And we’re talking more than just a glass of bubbly. These are the occasions we’ll look back on as some of our happiest memories, so we’re all for treating ourselves to something extra special. For that reason, we’ve rounded up our celebration must-haves (from chic party dresses to ultra-luxe beauty products from Clé de Peau Beauté) to ensure that you look and feel your most radiant. From birthday parties to graduations, these six moments are worth celebrating—and here’s how it’s done.

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