The 6 Chicest Celeb Dining Rooms We've Ever Seen—and How to Copy Them

Just because the dining room isn’t where we spend the majority of our time doesn’t mean it’s undeserving of a stylish atmosphere. After all, the space is meant for gathering with loved ones around the table to appreciate good food and engage in friendly conversation. If you’re someone who enjoys hosting dinner parties and are looking to amp up your dining room’s chic factor, then you’ve come to the right place. To spark some inspiration, we are showcasing some of our favorite celebrity dining rooms that we’ve visited—from the posh and polished eating area in Jessica Alba’s guesthouse to Nina Dobrev’s bright white space with midcentury modern accents. And since we realize these celebs probably weren’t as concerned with their interior budgets as most of us would be, we made it our mission to round up some reasonably priced pieces for you to achieve their design style. See which tastemakers may influence your dining décor.

Which of these dining rooms suits your personal taste?