3 Confessions From a Celebrity Realtor

We're no stranger to the über-luxurious world of celebrity homes (exhibit A: Jessica Alba's guesthouse, pictured above), but it turns out there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes before those perfectly styled interior images are released. Dolly and Jenny Lenz, a celebrity realtor mother-daughter duo with more than 25 years of experience selling houses to Hollywood's elite, tell Harper's Bazaar that there's a long list of bizarre requests discussed before an A-lister signs on the dotted line to buy a property. 

"We've had requests or demands for a safe-room," says Jenny Lenz. "Somewhere where the celebrity, in the event of an attack, is able to run to and have water, have another way of communication that can't be cut off from the outside," she explains, saying that in some cases they've had a safe room custom-built in order to sell the home. That's not all, though—yes it gets even stranger (and more opulent). These are the three most bizarre home requests the celebrity realtor duo have ever encountered:

  1. A perfume fridge: "We've had clients want[ing] a perfume refrigerator separate from the normal refrigerator because apparently, perfume goes stale if it stays out," Dolly explains. 
  2. A morning kitchen: "[It's] a frequent request. Most people don't even know what that means … and yet for some reason, the celebrities all know what they mean and they all want a morning kitchen," she says, describing it as a small kitchenette, including a "refrigerator, a wet-bar-type of situation, a sink, sometimes a Miele coffee maker built in."
  3. A rooftop beehive: "[One celebrity's] spouse has an allergy problem and apparently eating natural honey is good for you and, no joke, they have a beehive on the roof," says Jenny. "They wanted to know that they could install a beehive, how would it work, could we get them a beekeeper and someone to make sure they would be able install it, keep it legally, checking all the zoning."

If money were no object, what features would you add to your dream home?