Celebrity Couples Share Their Secrets to Long-Lasting Love

In an industry where new romances ignite each week and relationships last about as long as the latest box-office hit, finding long-lasting love in Hollywood can be a minefield. It only takes a glance at the latest gossip websites to see that dating in the public eye can spell disaster for most celebrities—except a select few. 

Despite having their relationship milestones scrutinized and photographed, a number of A-list couples have managed to traverse the dating scene and found the secret to making their relationship last, no matter what. From Michelle and Barack Obama's honest stance on not giving up to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's friends-first mantra, this is how they've learned to juggle success and ego with honesty and love.

This is what it actually takes to make a relationship last, according to celebrity couples who've done it. 

What’s your secret to a successful, long-lasting relationship?

This story was originally published on March 16, 2016. Updated by Sophie Miura.