5 Celebrities Who Could Be Your Landlord

Actor, model, designer, director, writer, producer, and author are all job titles we've seen strung together before. But there's one more less-expected title that Hollywood has taken a liking to: landlord. It's not uncommon for celebrities to live bicoastally, with homes in New York and Los Angeles, or to upsize into a larger home, while still holding on to their original property for investment properties. And sometimes when that happens, one lucky renter gets to call Leonardo DiCaprio his or her landlord. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio. Read on below for details on the homes celebrites have rented out.


Jane Fonda, who recently listed her New Mexico ranch for sale, put her expansive Atlanta loft up for rent in 2010 when she relocated to Los Angeles to break back into movies. Her ultra-modern property, which boasted views of downtown and midtown, was available for rent for $10,000 per month or for sale for $4.5 million. She posted all the photos of her loft on her blog, saying of her entry hall, "This is my entry 'hall.' To me, it is a womb with a narrow birth channel, and then you enter the wide open sunny loft to be born again."


After actress Kate Winslet and ex-husband director Sam Mendes split in 2010, the couple began to split their assets, and Winslet decided to rent out their four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath duplex in Chelsea, Manhattan for the tune of $30,000 per month. With 13-foot ceilings, 12 oversize windows, and 1,700-square-foot, the penthouse loft was one titanic space.


Actress Mischa Barton's 9,798-square-foot Beverly Hills compound, which includes a main home and three separate guesthouses (with a total of six bedrooms and 11 baths), is on the market for $8.7 million. Until it sells, she has listed the Italianate gated villa for rent for $27,000 per month.


Blond bombshell Pamela Anderson was hoping to sell her three-bedroom, three-bath Malibu beach house, listing it for sale early last year for $7.75 million. With no luck, she's put the house up for rent numerous times, including most recently in April this year for $27,500 per month. One block from the ocean, the teak-sided house is beautifully remodeled and is the epitome of California living with an ultra-wide swinging glass door that opens the outdoors to an open living room and kitchen. Scroll the slideshow above for a full tour of Anderson's home.


Before selling his Malibu home in December for $17.35 million, Leonardo Caprio put the oceanfront property in the ritzy Malibu Colony area up for rent for a whopping $75,000 per month -- and for $115,000 a month for short-term rental. The house includes an ocean-facing main house and a guest house with a total of seven bedrooms and seven baths. Not bad for a contemporary Gatsby.

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