Celerie Kemble and Bronson van Wyck Curate the Ultimate Holiday Shop

KembleBetterKembleBetter2 The Holiday Workshop, a combined effort between friends and designers Celerie Kemble and Bronson van Wyck opens in Manhattan as the ultimate Christmas shopping destination. The pop-up, located in a Madison Avenue-area townhouse, is an amazing collection of vintage gifts, holiday decor, and accessories chosen by Bronson. Furniture and accessories from Kemble's various lines for Maitland-Smith and Merida, to name a few, are also available for purchase. The entire space is styled to appear as if a private residence, a very chic and festive one at that, and everything is available for purchase from the drink mixers on the bar cart to the various Christmas trees. Decorated in a variety of themes, the fully accessorized trees can be delivered and proceeds will go to charity. For hours, location, additional details, and to shop online, check out The Holiday Workshop.