5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Green Bank has been named "The Quietest Town in America" after banning cell phones and wireless devices. Connectivity is extinct in this small American town, and even the use of such technology could be prosecutable by law. The restriction was devised to assist researchers who are "listening to exploding galaxies at the edge of the universe." Apparently this signal is so faint that it's about a billionth of a billionth of a millionth of a watt. Considering cell phones emit three watts, this could potentially swamp the sounds that are teaching astronomers about how the Milky Way was formed and how it is still evolving. — CNN

  • The Commodore brand is back with an Android-powered smartphone. Nostalgic fans can even relive their childhood fantasies with custom features that allow you to play the classic C64 and Amiga games—anyone for a bout of California Games? The new Commodore PET (appropriately named after its first full-featured computer from 1977) will be priced at $300 for the base model and will be available to buy later this month. — Tech Radar

  • Millions of Americans should expect to see more money in their paycheck next quarter. According to the ADP Research Institute's Workforce Vitality Index, released Wednesday, the total wages paid to U.S. private sector workers jumped almost 2.2% in the second quarter from the first three months of 2015. Workers between the ages of 16 and 24 years old, who are typically paid the least, saw paychecks climb 5.5% year over year, while individuals at least 55 years of age saw annual gains of 6.8%. — US News

  • Egg prices are set to go up due to an avian flu outbreak. The cost of eggs has almost doubled in the last month, with wholesale prices jumping 84.5% in June. Just this spring, more than 49 million chickens and turkeys died or were euthanized across 15 states as the flu virus spread from the Pacific Northwest into Midwest farms. The recent price rise is the highest recorded since 1937. — Yahoo

  • The world's largest search engine will begin testing a new "Purchases on Google" feature today. Google announced today it will start by adding "buy" buttons to mobile advertisements. Once a button is clicked, consumers will be taken directly to a page where they can buy the advertised product. While Google offers the buy buttons on its search results, the retailers will still be responsible for the selling and shipping of the products. — USA Today