People Who Make It to CEO Status Have These 2 Personality Traits

Updated 07/10/17

Sitting at the helm of a company requires a certain type of personality—it helps to be highly intellectual yet empathetic, the bookworm and the social butterfly. Such is the conclusion of a recent study from IBM Watson on the personality traits of industry leaders.

Sponsored by career adviser sight Paysa, the analysis sought to identify the most prevalent traits among industry leaders in the entertainment, fashion, finance, law, marketing, media, medicine, and politics. Using IBM Watson's personality insights program, the team found that intellect and altruism were the two most dominant personality traits of successful  CEOs. 

These two traits get at the heart of the kind of dual personality that often leads ordinary people down an extraordinary path to success. Intellect is defined as the ability to reason and understand while keeping an objective viewpoint, while altruism is the selfless concern for the well-being of others. Together, you have a person who's able to understand all the working parts of a business, making quick, far-reaching decisions that benefit the company as a whole. 

"As a CEO, no matter what industry you work in, the focus should be on providing benefit to others," writes Inc. of the findings. "When making decisions, CEOs don't think about personal benefit. Instead, they consider the impact on shareholders, employees, and company partners."

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