The 2 Surprising Breakfast Essentials a Gut Health Doctor Won't Eat

Updated 05/19/17

Still relatively unchartered territories in the world of health and wellness, gut health and inflammation continue to surprise us. Case in point: the eating habits of gut expert Vincent Pedre, MD, author of Happy Gut, who just shared his "off-limits" breakfast foods with Well+Good.

We recently spoke to Pedre ourselves about gut cleanses, the best and worst foods for your stomach, and his gut-healthy eating plan, but the functional medicine doctor just got real about one of the most popular breakfast foods ever: cereal. Because he's gluten-free, "cereal is off-limits for Dr. Pedre," writes Well+Good. "I call myself a seasonal dairy eater … I'll eat a little of it in the summer when there aren't as many viruses going around," he chimes in. "The rest of the year, I'm 98 percent dairy-free—it just works better for my gut."

Instead, Pedre indulges in a morning power smoothie made with nut milk, hemp seeds, Swiss chard, vegan protein powder, and berries. "It's filling enough that it holds me over until lunch," he adds. “And the protein works as a natural energizer." Of course, this lifestyle shift has also influenced Pedre's choice of caffeine. He has weaned himself off of coffee, opting for a morning matcha instead. "It has anti-cancer benefits and the L-theanine balances out the caffeine, giving a calmness," he concludes.

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