We're Shook: This Tangy Ceviche Recipe Is a Game Changer

Updated 08/01/17

You know how the simplest answer is usually sitting right in front of you? The simplest recipe is always the way to go, which is why we're so into ceviche lately. Though it looks like a gourmet, chef-made meal, it's actually super easy to prepare at home. So if you've never made a ceviche recipe at home (or tried it at all), it's a game changer.

This Peruvian staple is a fusion between Asian and Latin cuisines and traditionally calls for tangy citrus, herbs, and fresh seafood, so it's totally Paleo-friendly and gluten-free. The marinade that the fish soaks is in known as tigre de leche, or tiger's milk, which is known in Peruvian folklore to be an aphrodisiac (you can read more about that in The New York Times, if you're interested). Though you don't cook in the conventional sense of the word, it's not raw, either, since the acidity from the citrus "cooks" it.

Plus, its colorful presentation makes it a great dish to prepare when you're entertaining. Ready to make yourself this perfect snack or light meal? Scroll through our four must-try ceviche recipes below.

Lime Juice Scallop & Tilapia Ceviche

Ceviche Recipe
Spoon Fork Bacon

Scallop and tilapia ceviche made with fresh lime juice, tomatoes, diced cucumbers, red onion, jalapeños, and cilantro from Spoon Fork Bacon. Eat it with some chips or roll it up into a taco. Just add hot sauce! It's incredibly easy to make at home since it doesn't require any cooking in an over, just some quality time in the refrigerator.

Shrimp Ceviche–Stuffed Avocado

Foodie Crush

Avocado lovers, this one is for you. Brought to us from Foodie Crush, this ceviche recipe calls for fresh scallops and shrimp as the base with a lime juice marinade. Top it off with jalapeños or serrano chilies for some heat, and pomegranate seed garnishes. These stuffed avocados are the perfect dish for a summer soirée since they look just as good as they taste—the presentation will definitely impress guests.

Buttermilk Red Snapper Ceviche

Spoon Fork Bacon

Fresh lime juice, yellow peaches, diced onion and jalapeño, buttermilk, and boneless red snapper ceviche on mini tostadas from Spoon Fork Bacon. The fish is marinated with buttermilk instead of fresh lime juice, which makes it super tender.

Langostino Ceviche

A Healthy Life for Me

If you're an adventurous eater and love trying new things, then add this langoustine ceviche dish from A Healthy Life for Me to your recipe bucket list. Though the lobster tails have a uniquely sweet flavor, the texture is pretty similar to that of shrimp. This recipe also calls for fresh orange juice in addition to lime juice, taking the citrusy goodness to a new level. It's also full of interesting flavors like grated ginger, turmeric, and clam juice for a complex but balanced taste overall.

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