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Chairish Celebrates Their 9th Anniversary With an Amazing Vintage Chair Collection

Modern white living room with two funky accent chairs.

Home: April Gargiulo; Design: Mikhael Romain; Photo: Brad Knipstein

There's nothing we love more than scoring amazing vintage furniture and décor. If you're looking for truly unique ways to furnish your space, shopping secondhand is the best way to do so. Little pieces of history can be scattered across your home, holding much more meaning and value than your average big-box store purchase—that's entirely why we're stoked about the latest collection from vintage marketplace, Chairish.

In celebration of their 9th anniversary, Chairish launched a collection of 9 iconic chair styles available for decorators to snag. Chairs are a critical, often overlooked part of any home's design, making the perfect inspiration for this special curation, according to Chairish's Vice President of Merchandising Noel Fahden.

"While we offer more than 850,000 pieces from furniture to lighting, seating is an essential category in our homes, one that literally brings us all together," Fahden shares with us. "As a wink and a nod to our name (though we are far more than just chairs), we’ve tee-ed up an amazing edit of our nine favorite chairs styles, one for each year that we’ve been in business."

Read on to check out the amazing vintage chairs on offer with insights from Fahden about the special collection and the thrill of shopping secondhand.

Two vintage metal chairs styled next to a checkerboard print rug.

Adam Amengual

Explore Iconic Vintage Chairs to Score on Chairish

Move over plain wooden dining chairs. Why not go bold and try a vintage set on for size?

"We suggest choosing chairs that fit your personality and unique design style," Fahden says. "Love a wild pattern? Go for it. Can’t get enough of the funky shape? No problem." 

The great part about getting design-savvy with seating is the ability to redecorate in minutes by simply relocating your chairs. "Seating can easily be moved into different positions to accommodate groups of people and conversation needs, plus, you can redecorate for a new look and feel in a matter of minutes," Fahden shares.

Here are a few of the chairs on offer from the new collection, from quaint Chippendale chairs to unexpected and artful chairs.

Swivel Chairs

We found a new statement piece for your living room: a swivel chair. The chair has remained popular for so many decades, there are plenty of styles on offer, from postmodern beauties to Art Deco treasures.

"These are truly icons because they’ve evolved and updated over time, but have never really gone out of style," Fahden says. "Plus, they’re incredibly versatile—perfect for quiet lounging or engaging in conversation at a cocktail party. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any occasion."

Lots of different swivel chairs of different styles.

Photo Courtesy of Chairish; Graphic: MyDomaine

Swivel Chairs
Milo Baughman Swivel Chairs $9,500.00

Chippendale Chairs

Named after the 18th-century designer credited for inventing the style, Chippendale chairs have been redesigned, remade, and remixed countless times, according to Fahden.

"With their intricate open-patterned backs, cabriole legs, and cushioned seats, Chippendale chairs are a versatile option everywhere from the dining room to the patio," Fahden says. "They’re as eye-catching in a dining set of six as they are solo."

Compilation of Chippendale chairs.

Photo Courtesy of Chairish; Graphic: MyDomaine

Chippendale Style Wood Armchairs
Chairish Chippendale Style Wood Armchairs $1,850.00

Unexpected and Iconic Chairs

Chairish also compiled a curation of some of the world’s most stunning and unique chair options, from incredible hand-shaped seats to seats that hardly look like seats at all. If you have a flare for bold and unique décor, this is the section you need to shop.

"These chairs truly represent furniture as art, with iconic, groundbreaking forms that still break the mold today," Fahden says.

Unexpected and unique chair designs.

Photo Courtesy of Chairish; Graphic: MyDomaine

Alky Chair
Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli Alky Chair $2,766.00

Why Vintage Pieces Make a Home Special

Though it can be a bit more difficult to track down exactly what you're looking for, shopping secondhand is a unique experience that's hard to beat. Scoring the perfect vintage lamp or sofa is so gratifying, and these pieces give character and new life to any space.

"A big part of design is individual expression, creating a space that is uniquely yours," Fahden says. "One of the best ways to do that is through vintage and pre-owned pieces. That's why we encourage everyone to consider vintage first when purchasing."

Another large aspect of shopping secondhand is the sustainability that comes along with it. As many of us constantly cycle through décor and furniture, shopping secondhand ensures that we can refresh our homes while repurposing a piece from the past.

"We like to say people come to vintage for chic, one-of-a-kind style, but stay for the practical benefits of availability and sustainability," Fahden explains. "In most cases, vintage furniture costs 70 to 80 percent less, is better made, can be picked up today, brings character to a room, and is kinder to the planet."