You're Drinking Champagne Wrong—This Is How It's Done


Ashley Rose Conway of Craft and Cocktails

There’s no better way to toast a special occasion than with a crisp, shimmering glass of champagne. But with a beverage as delicate as France’s magical elixir, there are certain dos and don’ts that can elevate or diminish your champagne of choice. As luck would have it, the fine folks over at Delish consulted with an impressive group of champagne connoisseurs, who dropped some serious knowledge. Below are some of their tips for how to make sure your next glass of bubbly is as good as it gets.

When drinking champagne, the vessel of choice is the traditional flute. But according to master sommelier Dustin Wilson, standard wineglasses are the way to go. “You want to be able to swirl it around in your glass, stick your nose in there, and take in all the fun aromas, which you can’t do with a traditional flute,” Wilson says, adding that the reason most people use flutes is for their ability to keep bubbles intact longer than other glasses. Dinex Group wine director Daniel Johnnes agrees, adding that the coupé is even worse than the flute, calling the wide-brimmed glass “archaic, outdated, and irrelevant.”

Another mistake many people make is the champagne serving temperature. Wilson explains that most people serve it when it’s much too cold. “You definitely want to keep it cool, but I’d recommend removing it from the refrigerator about 10 minutes before you’re ready to serve,” Wilson says, adding that there’s no need to continue to chill the bottle in a bucket or fridge once you remove it from the fridge, especially if you’re sharing it with friends.

Finally, if you’re only serving champagne prior to a meal, you’re totally missing out, says Alexander LaPratt, owner of New York’s Atrium Dumbo and Beasts & Bottles. LaPratt insists that the “effervescence, lower alcohol, and higher acidity” of champagne make it “incredibly food-friendly.” We’ll drink to that.

Do you have any other champagne serving tips? Share them with us!