These 9 Modern Chandeliers for Dining Rooms Will Brighten Up Your Nights

Updated 06/04/18
Chandeliers for Dining Rooms

Finding the perfect chandelier for your dining room is no easy feat. It needs to be just the right size, have just the right combination of materials that won't compete with other lighting or pieces of furniture in the room, and most importantly, it needs to be within budget. If lighting is the jewelry of a room, a dining room chandelier is like the engagement ring of lighting—the one showstopping piece worth splurging on a little.

So where should you start when looking for the perfect chandelier? Start by assessing your dining room table: Is it long, small, or round? As a rule of thumb, a chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than a table and have at least 48 inches of space from each of the room walls or edges. Longer tables generally require longer light fixtures, while round tables pair up perfectly with smaller chandeliers. Ready to find the ultimate statement piece to finish off your dining room? We've handpicked some of our favorite modern chandeliers for dining rooms that deserve an honorable mention.

France & Son MCL-R3 Ceiling Lamp $389

We love Serge Mouille's iconic lighting, but the fact that France & Son sells a white version that's a fraction of the price? Now, we're officially sold.

Andrew Neyer Astro Mobile Light No. 1 $2250

This unique sculptural lighting is a stunning showpiece that would make a killer statement over a large dining room table.

France & Son Seven Globe Branching Ceiling Lamp $849

We believe that a long rectangular table needs a long chandelier to match, and this Lindsey Adelman–inspired branching bubbles piece is the perfect option to fill a large space.

Suzanne Kasler Adele Four Tier Waterfall Chandelier $3489

For the slightly more traditional soul, this Art Deco–inspired waterfall chandelier would make a beautiful statement over a round dining table.

Sphere + Stem Chandelier
West Elm Sphere + Stem Chandelier $499 $399

West Elm never fails to provide us with beautiful affordable lighting options and this sphere chandelier is no exception.

Constance Guisset Vertigo Pendant Light $1130

Just picture this striking chandelier over a round dining room table. We can't thing of a better option to create a showstopping statement

Bourgeois Boheme Atelier Vincennes Chandelier $5200

If you're looking for a beautiful statement piece to keep for decades to come, have a look at white plaster chandeliers from Bourgeois Boheme Atelier—this gilded one would look beautiful over a classic white marble tulip table.

Aubrey Brass Chandelier
CB2 Aubrey Brass Chandelier $349

This chandelier is ideal for a smaller rectangular dining room table. It's minimal enough to blend in well in an open space where multiple light sources are competing against each other.

Elish Warlop Magnify LED Chandelier $4500

This stunning LED chandelier would look incredible over a long marble table. It's a true showstopping piece.

Next up are six affordable Etsy shops to fuel your lighting obsession.

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