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Why I Always Swap My Bedding When the Seasons Change

This morning, I woke up with my down duvet on the floor. That’s my subconscious sign–it’s time to switch my bedding with the season. Spring is in the air, my HVAC system is being put to the test, and it’s time to retire my heavy-down duvet for the warmer months.  

This is my bedroom routine. Every three or four months, I wrangle my bedding into the linen closet and switch things up. It’s like changing out a wardrobe for a new season–except it’s my bed that’s donning the new look, not me.

Marking the Changing Seasons

For those who decorate for every holiday, twinkly lights, pumpkins, and spring flowers signify the change in the months as they pass. However, despite my enthusiastic appreciation for a perfect stoop full of pumpkins, I’ve never been someone who enjoys decorating seasonally in my own home. I’ve carefully curated my décor, and my design rotation looks more like switching out my vintage candle holders than adding in a buffalo check seasonal pillow. 

It’s that changing of the bedding guard that reminds me to reflect.

So, my bedding is where I mark the changing of the seasons. There's nothing better than a cozy fur throw in the winter or a linen duvet in the summer. The daylight in my bedroom transforms with the passing days and, if I were to leave things the same year-round, it would feel stagnant. Instead, I look forward to the day each season where I strip away the old, fold careful corners into the new, and bring back memories of the previous season. It’s that changing of the bedding guard that reminds me to reflect. 

As I brought out my spring and summer duvet a few weeks ago, I thought back to May 2020 and what was running through my head as I drifted off to sleep under this same bedding a year ago. Is there any more intimate, thought-provoking way to look back? Bedding is with you every day. It’s the first thing you see when you get up and the last thing with you as you bid adieu to the day. Shouldn’t it, then, evolve with you throughout the year, adapting to your present state? My vote is yes, and it’s not just an excuse to buy more bedding—or is it? 

Lightweight Linen for Spring and Summer Bedding 

As the days get warmer, a streamlined, thin matelasse blanket is all that’s necessary for muggy evenings. And, while linen bedding is a comfortable, cool, and wonderful choice year-round, it’s always going to have its roots in summer design, and I slip a thin duvet insert into my linen duvet.

Accent this lightweight look with textured accent pillows, but keep it minimal. Summer bedding should be, at its core, simple. Smooth, soft, stonewashed sheets are a welcome addition to my spring and summer bedding.

Lightweight white summer bedding.

Courtesy of Heather Bien

Cozy Faux Fur and Fleece for Winter Bedding

Oh, the hygge-filled days of winter. Plummeting temperatures call for the coziest jersey tee duvet cover over an oversized down comforter, accented with a thick cotton fleece quilt and a faux fur blanket for ultimate comfort and warmth, plus a velvet throw pillow. While it wasn’t originally intentional, this layered ivory bedding look is reminiscent of freshly fallen snow–does it get any more perfect for winter?

Winter bedding with heavier comforter.

Courtesy of Heather Bien

Those Casual In-Between Months

Those transitional days might be my favorite. There’s still enough of a chill in the air to justify using the fluffiest duvet, yet the unreliable temperatures don’t justify a light or heavy blanket. A lightweight cotton duvet cover and crisp, cotton sheets are comfortable year-round. This time of year is all about what feels best and adjusting it from day to day. Opt for easy, breathable cotton layers and comfortable blankets. 

The Bedding Items to Switch With the Seasons

If you’re looking at these seasonal ideas and feeling conflicted about where to start, consider starting out with your duvet and switching out the insert from fluffy and heavy in the cooler months to lightweight, down-alternative when the temperature warms up. This is the easiest swap that makes the biggest impact.

Throw an additional accent blanket on the bed when it gets cool, and opt for only a thin coverlet when it’s hot. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider seasonal accent pillows. Buy everything within the same color palette to make it easy on yourself as you alternate items in and out throughout the months.

Switch it up, switch it around, and have fun. And, remember, if something doesn’t seem to be working, you now have three seasons full of options waiting for you to style them.