12 Charcuterie Spreads That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

charcuterie boards

 The Cheeseboard Queen

A well-crafted charcuterie platter is a beautiful thing. So beautiful, in fact, that it can actually leave you craving a trip to the grocery store. (And let’s be honest—anything that can convince you that you want to do your chores is next-level powerful.) But truly awe-inspiring charcuterie board ideas are surprisingly hard to find. We rarely spot them in the wild, and we only occasionally see them in our Instagram feeds. 

The truth is simple: If we want our lives to be filled with exceptionally stunning charcuterie boards on the regular, we have to seek them out ourselves. We can’t depend on chance to bless us with such beauty so reliably. Thankfully, our concerted effort to consume more charcuterie content really only requires that we do one thing: follow Instagram’s #charcuterie hashtag.

Those who’ve spent any time in Instagram’s #charcuterie feed know it’s not just a lovely place—but an absolutely breathtaking one. The hashtag is a veritable museum of stunning charcuterie boards, many of which are so pretty they could be classified as actual works of art. Each carefully curated platter of meat and cheese will leave you drooling and dreaming in equal measure.

The beauty of browsing Instagram’s prettiest charcuterie board ideas is that you don’t need a reason to do it. You don’t have to be planning a feast or mapping out a grocery list. You don’t even need to like meat or cheese. Charcuterie boards can get so excessively pretty that just looking at them is a worthwhile expenditure of time. And hey—if doing so leads you to stock up on some new ingredients, then you’ve really made the most of your time.

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Feast of Flavors

charcuterie boards

 That Charcuterie Chick 

When your charcuterie board is so thoroughly loaded that you can’t even see the platter it’s on, you know you’ve done something right. This charcuterie board is an expert lesson in combining flavors (meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, crackers, nuts, and olives?!) and packing your ingredients tight.

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Simple Snack

charcuterie boards

 Foodcation Forever

Those who prefer to keep things simple will surely appreciate this charcuterie board, which keeps the focus on cheese—and the handful of flavors that complement it. Small bowls break the ingredients (and the platter) up, while breadsticks offer a nice touch (and a dash of visual appeal).

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A Perfect Circle

charcuterie boards

 The Board Loon

Olives and spreadable cheese act as the centerpieces of this platter, offering every other ingredient an intuitive place to go. If you find yourself struggling to organize your charcuterie board, start with a bowl or two, and see where that takes you.

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Monochromatic Meal

charcuterie boards

 CLT Cheese Chick

This monochromatic charcuterie board is so stunning we can hardly tear our eyes away. If a lot of your ingredients fall within the same palette, use that to your advantage. (And don’t be afraid to toss a few roses in the mix, either.)

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More Is More

charcuterie boards

 Graze Gourmet Platter Co. 

If these platters prove anything, it’s that your ingredient organization doesn’t have to be excessively careful to be effective. When in doubt, group ingredients by category, and place them near things they complement. As long as someone can navigate your charcuterie board with ease, you’ve done your job.

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User-Friendly Food

charcuterie boards

Board & You 

This robust platter does everything right: It looks pretty, it combines fun flavors, and it keeps the focus on usability. Too-large ingredients are chopped, while smaller ones remain whole. Ingredients are placed near things you’d eat them with. And a few ingredients come with built-in pairings—note the dried-fruit-laden chocolate-covered pretzels, as well as the brie lined with honeycomb and pomegranate seeds.

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Tasty Textures

charcuterie boards

 That Charcuterie Chick 

This charcuterie board makes the most of texture by varying the sizes of its ingredients. Smaller nuts and berries are complemented by pretzel sticks and prosciutto rolls—which are complemented by whole pears and cheeses. The result is a platter that’s incredibly visually dynamic (and all kinds of appetizing).

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Appetizer Sampler Meets Charcuterie

charcuterie boards

 The Cheeseboard Queen

Why yes, those are fries and buffalo wings on that charcuterie platter—so nice of you to notice. Who said charcuterie boards had to be limited to specific kinds of meat and cheese, especially when there are so many other delicious ingredients worth indulging in?

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Meat-Free Option

charcuterie boards

Raynbow Eats 

Those who prefer a vegetarian charcuterie board will surely be delighted by this meat-less option, which is comprised entirely of fruits, nuts, crackers, and cheese. Charcuterie boards are at their best when they’re exactly what you want them to be, so don’t hesitate to stock up on your favorite ingredients (or to skip out on the ones you don’t love).

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Artful Arrangement

charcuterie boards

 Diana Morales

When many of us craft a charcuterie board, we’re tempted to cluster ingredients—or to curate platters that are as symmetrical as possible. Let this board serve as a reminder that you don’t have to do that. Some ingredients can be clustered, others can be in long ribbons, and others can simply be scattered about.

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Next Level Arrangement

charcuterie boards

Board - Oh!

If you want to level-up your charcuterie platter, fill it with so many delicious items that the board underneath practically disappears.

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Unexpected Inclusions

charcuterie boards

 Berry and The Boards

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ingredients and combinations. Kiwis, basil leaves, and prosciutto-wrapped melon leave this charcuterie board feeling incredibly special—and looking exceptional, too.

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