5 Charities to Support in the Aftermath of the 2016 Election

Many people are disillusioned with the 2016 election results, primarily because many of our rights as women appear to be in jeopardy. But rather than put all of your energy into impassioned Facebook posts or uplifting tweets, nothing relieves frustration and anxiety quite like taking action. The Cut recently compiled a list of the charities and organizations that stand in contrast to some of Donald Trump's policies, giving a collective voice to the other 49% of our nation in the process. Read up on a few of the selected charities below:

Planned Parenthood

The livelihood of Planned Parenthood has been at stake for months now—but the reproductive health organization needs our help now more than ever. As a safe haven for women and men in need of safe and effective family planning resources, Planned Parenthood tends to roughly 2.5 million patients annually. Help keep their doors open by donating here.

American Civil Liberties Union

From the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants to reprimanding women for making their own choices in terms of their reproductive health, Donald Trump has proposed some policies that violate people's civil liberties. The ACLU wants to keep him from doing so—donate here to join the cause.

Human Rights Campaign

The HRC is the nation's largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, and represents more than 1.5 million people nationwide. They've pledged to continue the fight for equality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Donate to join the movement here.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC has pledged to stand against the racism, sexism, bigotry, and hate now rampant in our democracy. Donate here to combat these divisive mentalities through the use of legislation, education, and advocacy. 

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

With a presidential campaign marked by several accusations of sexual assault, RAINN wants to remain an important resource for abuse survivors in our country. Click here to join the nation's most established anti-sexual violence organization.

Head over to The Cut for more organizations to back, and share your top priorities with us below.