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21 Stylish Ways to Incorporate Chartreuse Into Your Interiors

chartreuse color

Casa Watkins

Want to give your space an unexpected pop of color? As far as we're concerned, there's no better hue to do so than chartreuse.

What Is Chartreuse?

Chartreuse is a cross between yellow and green, named aptly after a beloved herbal French liqueur.

Make no mistake, chartreuse isn't your standard shade. This hue packs a punch yet is more subtle than lime green or highlighter yellow. When styled just right, this cheery color can really take your home to the next level.

Are you a fan of chartreuse but not sure how to incorporate it into your own space? Look no further. We've gathered our favorite chartreuse-clad spaces—and were sharing how to get the look in your own home.

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Create Contrast With White

white and chartreuse

Erriette Lenas Design

Want to make your chartreuse accents the main attraction? Take a cue from designer Erriette Lenas, who peppered this all-white sitting area with a chartreuse armchair and matching ottoman.

Admittedly, white and chartreuse are a pretty stark contrast. To soften up the space—and make the juxtaposition feel less drastic—Lenas added a plush rug, faux fur throw pillows, and a fuzzy blanket.

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Pair With Neutrals

earthy tones chartreuse

Tom Stringer

Another way to make your chartreuse pop is by pairing it with neutrals, as designer Tom Stringer did in this living room. The brown couch, taupe seats, and gray rug take a backseat, allowing the two chartreuse chairs to shine at their fullest, brightest potential.

To make the bright accent feel more intentional, add a few chartreuse pillows to a neutral sofa.

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Wow With Chartreuse Walls

wall chartreuse color

Tom Stringer

If you love the chartreuse color and aren't afraid to show it, take a cue from Stringer, who painted the walls of this dining area the bold hue.

Admittedly, a chartreuse-clad room can easily become, well, extra. However, Stringer kept his cool with white accents and pops of pink—a very Palm Beach color combo. In the end, this space is eye-catching but not over-the-top.

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Experiment With Patterns

wallpaper chartreuse color

Design: Heather Hilliard; Photography: John Merkl

Anyone who wants to embrace their bold streak will find a lot to love about this dining room by Heather Hilliard. The designer turned the chartreuse color into the main attraction by covering the walls with printed wallpaper.

The key to striking a balance between subtle and statement lies in the pattern itself. Between the soothing repeat and neutral dining set, Hilliard masters the look.

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Add Shades of Green

green and chartreuse color

Design: Kevin Isbell; Photography: Read McKendree

Emphasize chartreuse's verdant undertones by pairing it with varying shades of green. In this sweet nook, designer Kevin Isbell paired the light chartreuse walls with forest-green frames, teal cushions, and a whimsical botanical-print settee. It's like looking through green-colored glasses in the best way possible.

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Create Well-Appointed Privacy

chartreuse color curtains

Design: If Walks Could Talk; Photography: Joelle Smith

Whether you're converting your apartment's living room into a spare bedroom or craving some peace and quiet from nosy neighbors, a privacy curtain is a must for most boudoirs.

However, Joelle Smith of If Walks Could Talk turned this bedroom necessity into a major design moment by adding a yellow-heavy chartreuse curtain to the mix.

Placing a curtain behind the bed emphasizes the headboard and creates the illusion of an accent wall.

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Add a Colorful Couch

couch chartreuse color

Design: Massucco Warner; Photography: Grey Crawford

When adding a pop of chartreuse, most dwellers will play it safe with a small armchair or ottoman. But, as this space by Massucco Warner proves, it pays off to go big.

Not only does the patterned chartreuse sofa bring some much-needed life to this otherwise neutral living room, but it also creates a visual distinction between the sitting and dining areas.

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Dress up Your Window Treatments

window treatments chartreuse

Linda Eyles

Take the bold hue to new heights—literally—with chartreuse curtains. The can't-miss color will instantly draw your eye upward, creating the illusion of high ceilings. Don't believe us? Let this space from Linda Eyles show you how it's done.

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Style With Small Touches

small touch chartreuse color


Experimenting with the chartreuse color for the very first time? Check out this space from design service Havenly. The two karate-chopped pillows seen in this bedroom make a statement without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Once you're well-acquainted with the hue, you can add more chartreuse accents. Throw blanket? A new ottoman? An accent wall? The sky's the limit here.

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Give It a Subtle Spin

black and chartreuse color

Home Made by Carmona

This dining room from Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona has convinced us that chartreuse can be neutral—it all boils down to what you pair it with. Here, the large black hutch and dining room chairs pack on the drama, making the chartreuse walls feel subtle in comparison.

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Embrace Earth Tones

earth tones chartreuse color

Nile Johnson

Since green is woven into chartreuse's genetic makeup, it's only natural to want to pair the bold hue with other earthy tones. In this living room, designer Nile Johnson offsets the brightness of the chartreuse loveseat with colors found in the great outdoors, like brown, ivory, and forest green. The result? A space that Mother Nature would love.

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Combine It With Blue

blue chartreuse color

Casa Watkins

Want to create a soothing space that doesn't skimp on style? Pair chartreuse with shades of light blue. Color experts agree that blue and green promote relaxation and harmony, respectively.

Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins transformed her living room into a bohemian oasis with this power duo. Pops of white on the walls, hearth, and chair cushion offer some breathing room between the two shades, making this feel even more serene.

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Decorate the Door Frame

Painted arch chartreuse color

Arbor & Co.

As the saying goes, the devil lies in the details. If you want to add some chartreuse to your home but don't want to redecorate your entire space, consider painting your room's doorway. In this space by Arbor & Co., the chartreuse door frame offers a splash of personality without overwhelming the rest of the kitchen.

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Make Room for Maximalism

chartreuse room

Design: Zoe Feldman; Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This room by Zoe Feldman proves that more really is more. The designer did not hold back, pairing saturated chartreuse walls with patterned curtains and a fierce animal-print sofa.

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Get the Tonal Treatment

chartreuse color bedroom

Design: Amy Lau; Photography: Kris Tamburello

Why settle for one chartreuse moment when you can add a few? Designer Amy Lau covers this bedroom in a vibrant hue. "Built in the middle of the Bridgehampton Polo Fields, the chartreuse tones of the surrounding grass inspired one of the bedrooms of this very special beach house," she explains. When paired with shades of yellow and green, the bold colors cancel each other out, creating a chill crib.

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Illuminate With a Statement Light

chartreuse dining room

Design: Chango & Co.; Photography: Sean Litchfield

Talk about a bright idea—Chango & Co. accessorized this all-white dining room with two chartreuse pendants. The design studio balanced out this bright accent with two mint chairs and pink napkins. The final product is a space that appeals to all of the senses.

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Get Creative in a Kid's Bedroom

chartreuse color nursery

Mallory Erin Makes

If decorating a nursery in light pink or baby blue feels too predictable, lean into the chartreuse craze. “When designing my daughter’s nursery, I wanted to use bright, playful colors with a minimal design," says Mallory Roth, the blogger behind Mallory Erin Makes. "I hope it inspires her, while still giving her space to imagine and create on her own.”

The bright green light fixture highlights the stroke of chartreuse on the painted wall rainbow.

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Color Your Cabinets Chartreuse

chratruese kitchen

Reality Daydream

Let's be honest: A kitchen isn't exactly somewhere you think to make a big design risk. However, Bethany Sy of Reality Daydream embraces her bold streak by coating her cabinets in chartreuse.

To offset this unexpected design moment, she opts for a gray backsplash and white countertops. And we'll let you in on a secret: Sy tells us that she has no regrets painting her cabinets this pulse-pumping pigment.

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Revitalize a Black-and-White Space


Nina Magon

What's black, white, and chic all over? This boy's bedroom, which was designed by Nina Magon. The designer used pops of chartreuse to bridge the gap between childish wonder and adult sophistication.

"I like to use chartreuse as a bold accent in a space, as it adds excitement through its richness and vibrancy," she explains. "We decided to incorporate it by using it in furniture pieces and bedding textiles, thereby creating a bold detail in the space."

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Beautify Your Built-Ins

chartreuse kids room

Design: Camille Hermand Architectures; Photography: Herve Goluza

As this space from Camille Hermand Architectures proves, there's more to a beautiful bookshelf than color-coded tomes. In this children's room, the chartreuse-tinted built-in moves the eye from the speckled wall to the sun-drenched windows.

"Color sets the tone here, giving each space and its custom-designed storage units a distinctive touch," designer Camille Hermand explains. It's almost as if the creativity of the children's books on the shelf is jumping off of the pages and into the room itself.

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Go Bold in Your Bathroom

chartreuse bathroom

Natalie Clayman

Turns out, chartreuse is equally fitting in a bathroom. When Natalie Clayman renovated her Arts and Crafts home nearly a decade ago, she decided to give her daughters' bathroom a whimsical touch.

Here, the chartreuse wallpaper is paired with bright pink accents, and it's almost like a visually pleasing watermelon. Clayman anchored the intense palette with Sherwin-Williams' Creamy.