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This New Wallpaper Launch Is the Burst of Color We've Been Craving

Chasing Paper x Sladé Akanbi wallpaper collection - bright stripe

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

If you've ever felt like your walls just needed a little something, chances are you've found yourself browsing the Chasing Paper site, trying to figure out which wallpaper styles might work in your powder room, nook, or bedroom. Well, you're in luck!

Chasing Paper, the wallpaper company dominating your Instagram feed, launched a new collection today with designer and artist Shadé Akanbi, featuring five new exclusive prints celebrating Akanbi's Nigerian-American heritage and her many international travels.

kente print wallpaper behind a table and plant

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

"Shadé is such an incredible light; all of the inspiration behind the prints comes from her life experiences, her culture, her story," Elizabeth Rees, the founder of Chasing Paper, tells MyDomaine. "I was immediately drawn to her as a person through her incredible daily patterns and journaling that she features on her Instagram - it truly felt like a window into who she is. This collection feels so personal, and we are so excited to see it in our customers' homes."

camo dot wallpaper print in brown and yellow

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

Akanbi says her inspiration for this collection was simple: "perspective."

"Seeing the same things we are used to, like a striped print or a camo pattern, in a new and fresh way is one of the themes of this collection," Akanbi explains. "And as always, my cultural background and life experiences are the inspiration behind and within my work." 

new wallpaper collection - dotted paper behind entryway bench

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

The collection is full of deep and bright colors, organic shapes, and bold patterns. While we may have seen striped wallpaper or a camo print before, Akanbi takes a traditional pattern and gives it a brand new look, playing with shape, color, and scale to create something totally new. With a choice of Cleo Stripe, Kente Vintage Weave, Paint Dob Camo, Petit Twigs, or Warri Palms, there's a print out there for any home.

"I hope that [people] feel all the life that I see in it!" Rees says of the collection. "It's fun, fresh and transforms spaces in such an incredible way. Each print feels familiar in some way, but in a way that I have never considered. The stripes are a great example of that; they are a typically traditional element that become bold and exciting by Shadé making it all her own."

palm printed wallpaper in bathroom in navy, gold, and white

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

Whether you plan to do a major project like wallpapering a bedroom or a smaller one like installing some wallpaper in the back of a bookcase, the possibilities are endless.

"With the scale of the majority of the patterns (the Cleo Stripes and Paint Dob Camo being exceptions since they are full coverage prints), I think wrapping selective home furniture is a cool idea," Akanbi shares. "I plan to wrap my desk in one of these prints, and maybe my studio table as well. I'm also going to apply it to a room divider to use, now that my apartment has become my studio space again."

The traditional wallpaper retails starting at $90 per panel and is available in two sizes, while the removable wallpaper option starts at $40 per panel and is available in three sizes. Shop the collection online at Chasing Paper.