Traveling Soon? This Is How to Find the Very Best Flight Deal

Few things are more frustrating than finding an incredible flight deal only to discover in the checkout process that it's laden with hidden fees. Know the feeling? It's estimated that flight fees cost the average traveler about $200, but comparison app Hopper is set to change that. 

This week, the popular flight deal app introduced "Fair Bear," a feature Conde Nast Traveler likens to the "Transparency Police." The smart addition "breaks out the prices for carry-on, checked bags, seat selection, and cancellation and change policies for each flight you're considering," simplifying the search process. When users scroll through flight offers, the bear graphic will clearly list every hidden fee and then give you a clear final flight quote. Simple. 

Hopper's new feature is currently available on Google Play and is set to be rolled out in the Apple App Store later this week.