Turns Out This Is the Smartest (and Easiest) Way to Score Cheap Flights

Ideally, we'd be able to jet across the world for every long weekend, but in reality, the cost of travel can be a major deterrent. Once you've settled on the destination, finding a reasonable flight that doesn't involve multiple stopovers or cost your entire paycheck is the next big hurdle. If you've exhausted Hopper and The Flight Deal and still can't find a good deal, don't worry—there's one more hack worth trying.

Frequent flyers swear by one handy method that could cut the cost of your flight in half: booking "neighbor" airports. By flying into a lesser-known nearby airport, rather than a central city hub, you're able to access cheaper flights for the slight inconvenience. For example, those who fly to Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami and take a quick ride share often pay less (saving more money for poolside margaritas).

Not sure how to hone your search? We tapped travel forums and Facebook groups to find out about the lesser-known cheap airports to fly into. Your next vacation awaits…