Art Lovers Rejoice—We Found 12 Cheap Prints You Need for Under $150

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Cheap art prints—Amy Bartlam
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Well Received Design

Whether your art taste is high brow, low brow, or no brow, it doesn’t have to take a wad of cash to fill your home with well-framed goods. When it comes to starting your art collection, we suggest finding prints that call to you and suit your personality and home interior style. These don't need to be expensive and they can easily polish off an interior once mounted because they add that touch of sentiment and intrigue.

We love the look of gallery walls that mix and match many mediums—from photography to graphics and even a few Matisse classics sprinkled in. If you’re looking to achieve this look, or just want to coax out your inner Gertrude Stein, we’ve gathered the best cheap art prints from the internet all under $150.


The Girlfriends Collage by Naomi Vona

The Girlfriends Collage by Naomi Vona
Courtesy of Saatchi Art

Is it really art if it doesn’t take you on a trip? We love the subject of “The Girlfriends” by Naomi Vona. She states, “The ‘girlfriend’ term and its annoying use really disappoints me. That's why I switched her ‘girlfriends’ into hallucinogen mushrooms.” This piece creates a great experience for the viewer. Hang it on the walls of a hallway to create an unexpected area of intrigue in an otherwise transitional space.

#44 Limited Edition 1 of 50 Artwork by Alessandro La Civita

#44 Limited Edition 1 of 50 Artwork by Alessandro La Civita
 Courtesy of Saatchi Art

Another easy way to splash color into a room is this lively limited edition print by Alessandro La Civita. Being that there are only a few of these prints, it’s purchase makes you a true collector. As playful as the colors and subjects of this piece are, we envision it in your kiddo's room watching over playtime.

Fortress I by Kamala Nahas

Fortress I
 Courtesy of Minted 

This print was made on a trip to Rajasthan, India by artist Kamala Nahas. It’s dusty pink tones easily make themselves at home amongst any set-up. Keep this shot close by hanging it above your bed to bring the old world to your contemporary sleeping space.

Pablo's Girl by ThePrintableConcept

Pablo's Girl
 Courtesy of Etsy 

Minimalist line drawings are abundant on the internet, but that’s because they are so visually appealing and the female form has long been celebrated in art. If you’re furnishing a worldly space, prints like "Pablo’s Girl" are easy to fill blank wall-spaces such as in an empty hallway, or even above your desk.

Vintage Cactus Photo - 1900s Tuscon by Capricorn Press

Vintage Cactus Photo - 1900s Tuscon
 Courtesy of Chairish 

You don’t have to be a desert dweller to appreciate this film photo print. If your home is a collection of vintage and modern this shot of Tucson in the 1900s’ adds a unique bohemian fee. The black and white make it easy to match with your existing décor, yet it will always stand strong on its own. Style this in a minimal entryway or above the couch over-looking knit throw pillows and chunky blankets.

Minimalist Geometric Art by VisuelleCo

Minimalist geometric art
 Courtesy of Etsy 

Abstract art is a great way to add sophistication to any home, even if your home is a dorm room. It develops a color story, and can easily make the room it lives within look complete from an outsider's perspective. If you are looking to build out a gallery wall, abstract prints such as this one are a good basis to build your concept from. We love the pastel colors of this one.

Let The Sunshine In Art Print by moderntropical

Let The Sunshine In Art Print
 Courtesy of Society6

If you’re not already living in pools of natural light, "Let the Sunshine In" is the print for your home. It’s golden warmth, and linear shapes make it effortless to find a spot for this choice within your décor. If you have brass or gold accents within your space, this print will tie it all together.

Room Vignette by Marleigh Culver

Room Vignette
Courtesy of Tappan Collective  

The right masterpiece can easily be how you incorporate color into your space or tie like-minded hues together so they don’t feel haphazard. This Marleigh Culver piece works in neutrals as well as rich greens that are easy to match with schemes already in play.

Offset by Lindsay Stetson Thompson

 Courtesy of Minted 

This minimalist abstract print is exactly what you need on your collage wall. If your art collection so far is full of photography or scenic paintings, this will be the balancing factor you were seeking. Alternatively, it can hold its own. Get that understated look by framing this piece and leaning it against an empty wall instead of hanging—we love unexpected touches.

The Scribble by Moglea

The Scribble
Courtesy of Moglea 

The artists behind the letterpress studio Molgea nail that modernist flow with their "Scribble" print. Working in the monochromatic scheme of modern masters, this piece adds an element of high-brow je ne sais quoi to your flat.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss
 Courtesy of Amazon

Klimt’s "The Kiss" print is another timeless piece that transcends eras and design trends. With a flurry of rich colors, this piece can add drama to a simple space. If you don’t have the extra cash to invest in a lot of little décor pieces, this one will leave the impression you want, even if your art history facts are fuzzy.

Vintage 1970s Ainsley's Cove Devon England Photograph Print

Vintage 1970s Ainsley's Cove Devon England Photograph Print
 Courtesy of Chairish

This quirky beach print brings the beach to your living space with its vibrant details. Place this print of 1960s’ Ainsley Cove, England above your bathtub as a reminder of those good old summer days.

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