These Are the Only 3 Websites You Should Use to Score Cheap Flights

Updated 05/05/19
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Best Websites for Cheap Flights
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As we near the end of summer, flight flash sales are becoming more frequent, but according to travel experts, you don't have to sign up to every airline newsletter to score cheap flights. Apparently the key is honing the way you search for flight deals, and by using just three booking websites, you can ensure you get the best offer available. While everyone has their own method for finding cheap flights, Business Insider thinks it has cracked the code. In a recent story, the BI team pinpointed the three travel websites that "rise above the rest." Follow this three-step method to save a ton of money on flights—your next vacation awaits.


"Google's powerful service is a no-frills, lightning-fast way to find cheap flights," Business Insider suggests. "It's by far the quickest price comparison tool available right now." Begin your search using Google Flights to get an idea of the best dates to travel. The calendar and price graph features allow you to see when flight prices drop so you can adjust your plans accordingly to ensure you're flying on the cheapest travel days.


Next up, they recommend visiting popular booking website Kayak. "If you're an experienced or flexible traveler, Kayak is also the best site to find hacker fares—round-trip options made up of one-way flights from two different airlines," they suggest. Once you've used Google Flights to choose a rough date range, set a price alert on Kayak, and it'll track fares for you. This allows you to monitor the cheapest options without manually checking the website every day.


If you've searched Google Flights and Kayak and still haven't found the right flight, DealRay will help you pull the trigger and book a last-minute getaway. "If you're the adventurous type, DealRay is the one service you should definitely check out," the BI team points out. The service is free to newcomers for one month, and then it costs $10 to receive regular SMS alerts for good deals. There's no option to tailor the search, so this should be your last resort—if you're ready to jump on a plane anywhere in the world, this is the site for you. According to the site, members save $428 per deal on average. Not bad, right?

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