Cheap Flights Are Coming This Fall


Ted O’Donnell for Tuula Vintage

Summer may be almost over, but it’s never too late to plan a vacation. According to a travel app called Hopper, people will have extra incentive to plan a vacation in the fall, with the cost of airfare expected to significantly drop.

With the travel season winding down, airlines are looking to lure customers who don’t normally associate fall with traveling. Researchers at Hopper are predicting that the average cost of a flight will drop 8.2% in the fall. That means that come October, travelers can get a round-trip domestic trip for just $213.

"Certainly, there's a big seasonal effect driving down fares," admitted Hopper’s chief data scientist, Patrick Surry. "Airfares almost always come down in the fall because there are fewer people flying."

Besides the need to fill empty seats, tickets will be cheaper in October thanks to low fuel prices. "We're seeing more flash fare sales where carriers offer tickets for half price for a limited period of time,” Surry added. "They need to fill these planes, even if it means selling seats.

As far as where you can go on the cheap, Hopper predicts that tickets to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Grenada will be affordable this fall, as will flights to Washington D.C., Austin, and Dallas.

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