For Real: $99 Flights to Europe Are Coming, and Travel Will Never Be the Same

Updated 07/26/17
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As we near the end of summer, flight deals are becoming more frequent, but Primera's announcement makes other airline sales pale in comparison. The Scandinavian carrier has just shared that it will charter new routes from the U.S. to key European cities—for just $99 one way.

No, that's not a typo. Primera Air will offer flights from Boston and Newark, New Jersey, to London, Birmingham (England), and Paris for the record price. The routes will start in April 2018, but tickets are available now. According to the airline, this is just the start of amazing flight deals. It plans to offer two more transatlantic routes in the next three months, Conde Nast Traveler reports.

So what's the catch? The $99 flight deal is for a one-way ticket, and it's a base fare, meaning that you'll be asked to pay extra for other amenities. It will cost $45 to pick a seat, $40 for a meal, and $45 to check a bag. So yes, it's a great flight deal if you plan on traveling light and are happy to bring your own food, but if you'd rather have all the trimmings of a standard international trip, it might be better to pay a bit extra for an all-inclusive ticket.

There is one notable inclusion, though. In addition to the basic seat on the plan, travelers have access to free Wi-Fi during the flight. Unfortunately, there's no in-flight entertainment, so be sure to pre-load movies on your device before you leave home or stream them mid-air. It's not much, but with a little planning, this insane flight deal could save you hundreds.

Do you think this flight deal is worth it? Check out Southwest's flash sale for more cheap tickets.

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