Seriously: You Can Vacation in Greece for $393 This Winter

Updated 04/29/19

We’re all about visiting the trendiest destinations this winter and into 2018, but sometimes, your wallet takes precedence. But as Travel+Leisure reports, Greece has officially earned a top spot on your budget travel bucket list between this month and May of next year.

According to the travel publication, airfare competition is seriously driving down prices to the Instagram-friendly islands. They found the cheapest tickets from the New York City area to Athens in February using Google Flights, but the budget-friendly fares can reportedly be found as early as November and as late as May 2018.

The slashed fares can be found within Greece as well. As Scott’s Cheap Flights found, travelers can fly from Athens to Santorini for $50, to Mykonos for $71, and to Rhodes for $47. To snag these discount fares, the travel authority recommends using Google Flights to search for the cheapest flights out of your area and booking with your preferred search engine.

Head over to Travel+ Leisure for more information, and read up on how to explore Mykonos next.

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