13 Cheap and Chic Halloween Décor Options You Can Display Year Round

The spookiness starts at just $7!

Halloween Decor

Anjelika Gretskaia


When the weather begins to chill and the nights gradually get longer, there can only be one bewitching holiday on the horizon: Halloween. And while October 31 is often considered a date for children to celebrate, the truth is that everyone is welcome to join in on the spooky fun. Halloween parties for grown-ups have become so commonplace that the entire month's weekends can be devoted to different events—and all those costumes can really add up.

If you want your home to be as festive as your get-up but don't necessarily have the funds to split between costumes, candy, and decorations, let this list come to your aid. We found 13 spooky décor items to place around your home for as little as $7 so your surroundings don't have to skip out on the fun. Get these decorations now or put yourself on the preorder list. Because just like a basket of full-size candy bars, we have a feeling that these deals will get cleaned out quickly. Even better? You won't mind displaying these stylish picks year-round.

Plaid Pumpkin
Spritz Knit Plaid Pumpkin Halloween Decoration Medium $7

When it comes to fall trends, plaid and pumpkins are top on the list. Grab one of these to prop on your mantle, or bunch a few together on your dinner table for a stylish year-round addition. 

Crow decor
Prextex Halloween Black Feathered Small Crows $18

Place some of these creepy figurines on your mantel or go a step further and hang them over your dining table with clear string.

hi-gloss round black tray cheap Halloween decor
CB2 Hi-Gloss Round Black Tray $70

If you're throwing a Halloween party, display your treats and drinks on this stunning handmade tray. Plus, the color couldn't be any apter. Once the party wraps up, style it with candles and coffee table books.

Skeleton Candelabra
QinYing Halloween Candelabra $17

Arrange a pair on either end of your mantel for a creepy feature or prop one in the middle of your dining table. You can even hold one in your hand to greet guests to up the drama.

Black Skull
Summit by White Mountain Black Skull Head Collectible Skeleton Decoration Statue $20

This stylish skull would look perfect on that stack of books on your coffee table or even propped on a mantle or sideboard.

Crosley UO Exclusive Folklore Floral Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player
Crosley UO Exclusive Folklore Floral Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player $99 $79

Play Monster Mash on repeat using this very goth record player. While we acknowledge that this record player isn't that cheap, it's still under $100 and worth the splurge. And you can play it all year round so when you consider the cost per play it's actually incredibly affordable.

Glass Pumpkin
Boston International Decorative Handblown Glass Pumpkin Figurine $22

Who knew that a pumpkin could be so delicate and pretty? Arrange this on a buffet table or sideboard for maximum effect or you could prop one on a stack of black and white coffee table books.

Skull salt and pepper shaker
IHI Black and White Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers $14

Even something as simple as salt and pepper shakers can be festive—although we do encourage leaving these out all year round.

Transition Art Print - Black 8 x 10 at Urban Outfitters Cheap Halloween Decor
Fran Rodriguez Transition Art Print 8 x 10 at Urban Outfitters $39

This print has Twilight Zone vibes all over it and would look best paired above a burning candle. 

Boo Pillow
Designs Direct Halloween Boo Buffalo Check Square Pillow $37

If you're into farmhouse décor but still want to keep it festive, then this to-the-point pillow is for you. 

Ghost succulents
Jiuchen Halloween Decorations Skull Ghost Planter Set of 2 Potted Succulents Plants $17

You may want to put a few of these around your home—one for your kitchen counter, one for your desk, and definitely one for your nightstand. 

Halloween Decoration 3D Changing Face
Lansian Halloween Decoration 3D Changing Face Moving Picture Frame $13

Snag a few of these frames and prop them on your walls or side tables for a truly spooky addition. Your guests will probably think it's an old picture of grandma but hold on, that just took a weird and scary turn!

YULETIME UL Certified Orange Faceted LED Christmas String Lights
Yuletime Certified Orange Faceted LED Holiday String Lights, $34

Arrange these string lights over your mantel or on your staircase to set a "haunted house" mood. Even better? Pull them again during Christmas or Hanukah. You could also bunch them up and leave them in a glass bowl on your entry table for a little pop of fun.

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