8 Items You Should Never Spend Money on, According to Design Experts

Interior design experts agree: Even if you have an endless budget for your home revamp, there are some items that simply don’t warrant a big price tag. Why? As with curating the perfect wardrobe, styling a unique home is about striking the perfect high/low mix.

Designer Jack Menashe sums it up perfectly: “Your home should have an eclectic mix of high-end items as well less expensive accents so that it will feel like a home and not like a showroom.” So which pieces aren’t worth the splurge? Allison Bloom of Dehn Bloom says she’s cautious of impulse purchases that are “driven solely by what your friends/Cara Delevigne/your most stylish co-worker has!”

Before you buy, she recommends thinking through the practicality of the piece, such as height, stain resistance, and size. “Ask yourself: Will it actually enhance what you have, or will it just stick out like a parent at a keg party? Try to wait at least a month to see if your crush passes,” she recommends.

To make matters easier, we called on interior design experts to name the pieces of décor they’d never splurge on and have rounded up the best inexpensive alternatives. These accents will look stylish in your home, no matter the price tag.