42 Chic IKEA Items That Look Expensive But Cost Less Than $100

IKEA is a great resource for children's furniture

There's something incredibly magnetic about IKEA. Whether you pop in a store or browse online, once you shop, you simply can't stop. It's one of those places where you go in for a couple of things, and come out with an entire shopping cart you never knew you needed. But the price and the quality is so unbeatable, you really can't go wrong. And thanks to the minimal Swedish style, their designs are usually timeless classics that won't date come next season either. 

So in honor of one of our favorite affordable home brands, we trawled every section to find the chicest and the cheapest pieces in store right now. We sectioned them out per room so you can upgrade the space that needs it most or why not upgrade all of them? We won't judge. Happy shopping. 

Living Room

IKEA Albacken Rattan Armchair
IKEA Albacken Rattan Armchair $79

We simply have no words for how chic this rattan chair is. We can see it in a living room with a soft sheepskin or pillow but it could also sit comfortable in the corner of a bedroom.

IKEA Tuvalie Throw
IKEA Tuvalie Throw $15

Quality throws are hard to come by at an affordable price. This one is 100% and the stripes are a classic.

Evalinn sheepskin pillow cover
IKEA Evalinn Cushion Cover $30

Comfy sheepskin never gets old and we can envision a few of these pillows thrown across a sofa. 

IKEA Solleftea Floor Lamp With LED Bulb
IKEA Solleftea Floor Lamp With LED Bulb $25

Soft lighting is so key in a living room and making sure you have varying layers of light to keep the mood at 100.

IKEA Ypperlig Coffee Table
IKEA Ypperlig Coffee Table $50

We're really into this Danish-style side table. Perfect for the side of the couch for books, magazines, mugs of tea, you get the drift.

IKEA Nymane Floor Lamp
IKEA Nymane Floor Lamp $60

We love the mushroom lighting trend and this one is insanely affordable. 

IKEA Snidad Basket
IKEA Snidad Basket $28

You can never have too much storage and this basket is the kind you want out on display. If you have kids, it's also a stylish option for a kids playroom to pack away all those toys.

IKEA Svalsta Nesting Tables
IKEA Svalsta Nesting Tables $90

Sometimes you just need a coffee table that isn't the hero of the room but rather serves as a place to display your favorite books and decorative objects. These nesting tables will be perfect for that.


IKEA Dinera 18-Piece Dinner Set
IKEA Dinera 18-Piece Dinner Set $35

Every so often you need to upgrade your dinnerware but even if you don't, it's nice to have a separate set that you save for special occasions and dinner parties (if you have the room that is).

ikea pepper mill
IKEA Intressant Spice Mill $15

This wooden spice mill adds the perfect natural touch to any table.

IKEA Fascinera Chopping Board
IKEA Fascinera Chopping Board $8

This chopping board is seriously chic for a seriously low price. It could also double as a cheese platter.

IKEA Vardagen Oven Mitt
IKEA Vardagen Oven Mitt $4

You can never have too many oven mitts and this one is really nice at just $4.

IKEA Adelsten Mortar and Pestel
IKEA Adelsten Mortar and Pestel $15

You may not think you have a need for a mortar and pestle but the good thing about this one is it looks like a decorative object on your open shelves. We love décor that has double uses.

IKEA 365+ Apron
IKEA 365+ Apron $13

Aprons aren't just for grandmas. This one will save your pretty clothing from being splashed or spluttered on by that boiling hot tomato soup you're stirring on the stove, and that is worth $13. 

IKEA Senior Casserole With Lid
IKEA Senior Casserole With Lid $40

There are plenty of French brands that dominate the cookware space but this one looks just as good and at a fraction of the price.

IKEA 365+ Pot Holder
IKEA 365+ Pot Holder $2

We can't get over how cheap this is and it's so modern and cool.

IKEA 365+ Bowl
IKEA 365+ Bowl $13

This bowl has that slightly off shape as though it was hand made and we're really into it.

IKEA Vardagen Dish Towel
IKEA Vardagen Dish Towel $4

You can never have too many dish towels and at this price, you can stock up.

IKEA Foradla Serving Stand
IKEA Foradla Serving Stand $25

We're really into displaying our décor so we should get better at doing that for our bakeware too. How gorgeous is this stand? It's time to invite the girls over for tea and scones.

IKEA Behovd Vaccum Flask
IKEA Behovd Vaccum Flask $5

Serve your H20 with some style and green is trending, just saying. 

Dining Room

IKEA Sjuttiofem Pendant lamp
IKEA Sjuttiofem Pendant lamp $12

This pendant could be hung from any of ceiling in the house, but we think it would look exceptionally stylish and cool over a dining table. But we also love it in a bedroom—all the cool girls are losing it over this paper lantern style.

IKEA PS 1995 Candlestick
IKEA PS 1995 Candlestick $8

If there's one thing I learned from my Swedish friends, it's everyone looks better by candlelight. They're always burning candles instead of turning on lights and it creates such a warm and ambient mood.

IKEA Bjuran Chair
IKEA Bjuran Chair $99

It's a bold color for sure, but it's in the classic Thonet shape so it doesn't feel as risky. You could opt for the mismatched chair trend and just throw a couple of these in with something else.

IKEA Skogsta Bench
IKEA Skogsta Bench $79

Opt for a bench instead of dining chairs and throw a sheepskin over it. 

IKEA Toftlund Rug
IKEA Toftlund Rug $15

We love a good sheepskin throw and this one is unbeatable value.

IKEA Nooraryd Chair
IKEA Nooraryd Chair $69

The classic black dining chair is always in style.


IKEA Storuman Floor Lamp With LED Bulb
IKEA Storuman Floor Lamp With LED Bulb $18

Your bedroom is a sanctuary away from the noise of the world so infuse that warmth with a floor paper lantern. The light is so soft.

IKEA Gnabbas Basket
IKEA Gnabbas Basket $10

Don't let clutter dull your joy, throw your spare bits and bobs in this stylish storage basket instead. 

IKEA Handskalad Hand Decoration
IKEA Handskalad Hand Decoration $13

Organizing your jewelry can be quite satisfying. Use this decoration to keep all your rings and necklaces in one "handy" place. See what we did there?

ikea oddrun throw
IKEA Oddrun Throw $15

A throw across your bed is the perfect finishing touch.

ikea vedbo armchair
IKEA Vedbo Armchair $199

If you have the space, we highly recommend a corner chair for reading, meditating, or relaxing. This armchair is makes a statement without costing a fortune.

IKEA Smidie Dyed Sheepskin
IKEA Smidie Dyed Sheepskin $30

This sheepskin is a great introduction to color when you're not sure where to start. 

IKEA Ypperlig Bench
IKEA Ypperlig Bench $39

A bench at the end of your bed is a great place to put books or to rest your weary self as you get dressed each morning.

IKEA Brankis Laundry Basket
IKEA Brankis Laundry Basket $35

Laundry can really make a room feel messy and dirty. Stash it in this stylish basket and no one will ever know.

IKEA Lonholt Flatwoven Rug
IKEA Lonholt Flatwoven Rug $129

Okay, so this rug is a little over $100, but it's so undeniably cool that we had to include it. 


IKEA Emten Bathmat
IKEA Emten Bathmat $10

Bathmats age really fast so you're always on the market to buy a new one. Thankfully this one is fluffy and affordable.

IKEA Vilto Towel Stand
IKEA Vilto Towel Stand $50

It doesn't take up too much room so you can still fit it into a small bathroom, and it looks good too.

IKEA Vilto Step Stool
IKEA Vilto Step Stool $20

A step stool is one of those home essentials every one needs and can be used across every room, really.

IKEA Fryken Seagrass Box With Lid, Set of 3
IKEA Fryken Seagrass Box With Lid, Set of 3 $13

Store away all of those non-essentials into these stylish baskets. 

IKEA Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack
IKEA Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack $50

We've featured this one in a few IKEA stories before, but we just had to include it again because it really is one of our favorites.

IKEA Saxborga Jar With Lid, Set of 5
IKEA Saxborga Jar With Lid, Set of 5 $15

These are great for storing cotton buds, flossers, and other necessities.

IKEA Vilto Shelf Unit
IKEA Vilto Shelf Unit $69

If your bathroom is lacking storage, it's going to be bursting at the seams pretty fast with all those beauty products. This storage rack solves those woes and looks damn fine doing it. 

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