The Penny-Pincher's Guide to Affordable, Modern Furniture

Photo: Courteys of Space Exploration

Decorating a space from scratch can get expensive quickly—especially if you have great taste but no budget to match. This can lead to one of two things. Either we overspend on furniture pieces we can't afford or we settle for pieces that are well within our price range that we don't truly love. Luckily, there are a crop of stores and brands that are bridging the gap between stylish and affordable.

Are you looking for a sofa under $1000, an affordable coffee table, or that unique statement chair that won't make you go entirely broke? Today, we're sharing our favorite sources for furniture that range from insanely cheap to surprisingly well-priced. From cool, new direct-to-consumer brands to amazing high-quality reproductions of your favorite designs, these pieces are guaranteed to make a beautiful statement in your home. Don't settle for less—you'll love these modern (and affordable!) furniture picks.