This Is the Cheapest Place to Travel in July and August

Updated 06/16/17
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If you've been putting off planning a summer vacation and are feeling the stress of mounting flight and hotel prices, there's still time to secure a good deal. According to Travel+ Leisure, the secret to planning an affordable vacation that won't leave your bank account dry is to pay attention to timing. When booked in certain off-season months, some popular travel destinations are as much as 56% cheaper than in the peak period.

"In some places, you'll see hotel deals following a big national holiday—often times, one that doesn't register here in the United States," the magazine explains in a guest article for Insider. "Even bouncing back from major tourism events, like the tennis opens and big-ticket conferences can create pockets of deep savings during particular months of the year if you know to look for them."

Unsure where to plan your next vacation? Use this month-by-month guide to score the best flight and accommodation deals online.

  • January: Los Angeles. This is the cheapest month to book hotels, which are 33% cheaper than average. 
  • February: Honolulu. Skip Hawaii over New Year's and save money by booking your trip in February, when there's a 40% dip in hotel rates.
  • March: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Four-star accommodations costs as little as $55 a night in March.
  • April: Copenhagen, Denmark. April is the perfect time to see this fairytale city, which is less than eight hours by flight from New York. Save 38% on your room by booking during this month before peak season.
  • May: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Skip the humidity, spring breakers, and soaring prices by visiting Fort Lauderdale in May.
  • June: San Antonio. It's almost 50% cheaper to stay here than in Austin in June.
  • July: Sydney. Sure, it's winter in Sydney, but temperatures sit in the moderate upper 60s during July. You'll save up to 44% on peak season hotel prices.
  • August: Berlin. Hotel rates sit around $100 a night in August.
  • September: Orlando, Florida. Visiting Orlando during this month will save you 40% on high-season hotel prices.
  • October: Cape Town, South Africa. Apparently hotels cost no more than $80 a night during this time.
  • November: San Francisco. Save up to 50% on hotels in November—the average rate is just $202 per night.
  • December: Frankfurt, Germany. Itching to see the Christmas markets? Jet to Frankfurt in the first two weeks of December for the most affordable hotels.

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