Forget Cancún—These Are the Most Affordable Travel Destinations in March

Cost is often the largest barrier to entry for wannabe world travelers. But aside from snagging discount airfare and being mindful of hidden travel fees, you can actually select discount destinations depending on the time of year. Travel + Leisure recently sourced data from in an effort to identify the cheapest travel destinations, both domestic and abroad, for each month of the year.

"If a cheap vacation is what you're after, plan your trips based on when hotel rates are proven to be low; then use a service like Hopper or Kayak to find the best-priced plane tickets to round out your plans," T+L writes. "You'll end up with a powerful, money-saving one-two punch." According to the travel authority, here's where to book this month for the cheapest possible getaway:


"Think of it as the gateway to the Grand Canyon—and an affordable one, at that," writes T+L. "Cooler temperatures in March mean you get the sights to yourself, and if you travel in the first week of March, you can pay well under $100 for a comfortable hotel."


Springtime in the U.S. means autumn in Argentina—and inexpensive hotels, fewer tourists, and discount flights for you. "You can find four-star accommodations for as little as $55 (really!), which more than justifies the long-haul flight," the magazine explains.

What are your travel plans for March? Share your top destinations with us below!