These Are the Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Planning a vacation? If you’re on a budget, you might want to avoid Zurich, New York, Geneva, and Tokyo. According to a new report discussed in Fortune, these are the world’s most expensive vacation destinations. Zurich averages $1050 a night, while New York costs $1030. Other high-priced locations include Paris, Munich, Taipei, Helsinki, and Dubai. Now that you know where not to go, where should you look to vacation? The UBS, a Swiss global financial services company, performed the research and concluded that the cheapest city is someplace in Romania you’ve never heard of: Bucharest.

Other places that cost $300 per night include Mumbai, Sofia (Bulgaria), Bangkok, New Delhi, and Beijing. Budapest and Istanbul also made the top 10 list of least expensive cities to visit. The list was generated by the average price of two people spending one night in the city, and it factored in dinner with alcohol, a rental car, hotel room, and cab rides. Transportation to and from the cities was not included in the study.

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Are you interested in visiting any of the cheapest cities in the world?