Keep Your Cash: These Are the Cheapest Days to Fly This Summer

Updated 05/07/19
The Chriselle Factor

If you're looking to save some cash when booking your summer vacations, it all comes down to the days you pick to fly. Airfare can be something of a mystery, especially when you're trying to navigate the numbers for the best deal. And while there's always some room for uncertainty, Condé Nast Traveler kindly broke down how to choose your dates wisely to save money when you book your flight.

If you're curious about holiday travel around the Fourth of July, the cheapest days to fly are a July 2 departure and a July 5 return. Typically the closer you get to flying near the holiday, the cheaper your ticket. For other bookings, your best bet is to strategize with days of the week. To no one's surprise, most data show that Tuesday through Thursday departures are the cheapest for domestic travel (due to a spike over weekend dates). Tuesday is the cheapest day of all, with Monday and Wednesday following with short-haul flights.

When it comes to long-haul flights, Thursday is the cheapest day to fly out but Monday is the cheapest day to fly home. Saturdays are the most expensive, with the exception of a Saturday departure and return, which comes in second place for the cheapest long-haul itinerary after the Thursday-Monday strategy. 

Looking for more ways to save when you hit the skies? Here are the three cheapest travel destinations for 2017.

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