A Month-by-Month Guide to the Cheapest Travel Destinations

Updated 08/30/17

If you're planning a trip, it's wise to do a bit of research about the best time of year to travel to your destination—we're talking on the cheap. Certain cities provide better deals and rates on hotels, tourism, and more depending on the season, and even more specifically by month. Travel + Leisure recently released a month-by-month guide for when to travel where, and we're sharing the time to get the best deals during the calendar year.

January: Los Angeles. Prices for accommodations are discounted by 33 percent in L.A. for the first month of the year. This means four-star hotels would run you an average of $212 per night, the lowest all year.

February: Hong Kong. It's easy to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations or the Spring Lantern Festival when your average four-star hotel room is priced as low as $125 for February.

March: Buenos Aires. March is considered fall in Buenos Aires and is a great time to travel there as four-star accommodations are as low as $55 per night.

April: Chicago. As the temperatures rise, the price of hotels drops to 54% cheaper than during peak season in the Windy City.

May: London. London is calling after May Da y when hotel prices are as low as an average of $216 per night.

June: San Antonio. Just a short hour's drive away from neighboring Austin, San Antonio is on the rise with a new Roman & Williams–designed hotel, Emma, and the average rate for rooms is $164 per night anywhere in the city.

July: Sydney. Though it's technically winter in July, the average temps are in the high 60s and you'll save 44% on your hotel room if you book during the off-season.

August: New York City.The city can be pretty hot in the dog days of summer, but you can stay cool in your deeply discounted accommodations during the last week of August.

September: Rome. Stay in one of the city's beautiful four-star hotels for as little as $131 per night as the peak season gets started again in September.

October: Cape Town. Hotels are priced at no more than $80 on average during whale-watching season.

November: San Francisco. Save an average of 50% on your hotel room the week before Thanksgiving, which gives you a small window to make the end of crush season at a nearby vineyard.

December: Frankfurt. Take in the festive Christmas displays in this beautiful city while booking a hotel room at 56% cheaper than peak rates, with four-star hotels going for about $112 per night.

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