Calling All Budget Travelers—These Are the 6 Cheapest Destinations in the World

Updated 04/12/18
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Northern Africa

Along with the need to clean and redecorate, springtime also signals that it's time for a much-needed vacation. Now is the perfect time to start planning for summer travel. No matter your budget, there's a dreamy destination to satisfy all the wanderlust you've been building up throughout the dreary winter months. The travel site Hoppa recently released its annual report of the most and least expensive travel destinations for 2018. According to its data, if you're looking for affordable travel ideas, you'll want to head to North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe to make your budget stretch.

The site analyzed 100 destinations across the globe to find out which locations will set you back the most and which will leave you with savings to spare. By comparing the price of accommodation, meals, drinks, transportation, and unexpected medical costs in all 100 cities, Hoppa was able to create a definitive ranking of travel destinations by cost.

According to their findings, the most expensive place for a getaway in 2018 is New York City, where you can expect to pay a little under $500 a night. Other cities that topped the list for being the most pricey were Copenhagen, Denmark; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Venice, Italy; and Los Angeles, California. For a more affordable trip, head to the cheapest travel destination on Hoppa's list: Kiev, Ukraine. The average cost per night in this Eastern European city is just $92. Check out the rest of the top six cheapest travel destinations below and start planning your dream vacation.

1. Kiev, Ukraine: $92 per night

2. Antalya, Turkey: $99 per night

3. Manila, Philippines: $100 per night

4. Denpasar, Indonesia: $106 per night

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia: $112 per night

6. Cairo, Egypt: $112 per night

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