The New Interior Trend That Gives a Nod to the '90s

Now that September is in full swing, I’m currently compiling my list of fall favorites, and I’m finding check patterns at the top. With so many different trends swirling around the world of interiors, sometimes it just makes sense to keep things classic. Sure, you might be opting out of the décor du jour or the must-have furniture piece of the moment, but you can be confident that you’re investing in style that will stand the test of time.

That’s what I’m loving lately about check patterns for interiors: Yes, they happen to be trending because they nod to ’90s fashion (and of course I like a little throwback here and there), but they also have a classic appeal that never goes out of style. There are also endless possibilities for reinventing check patterns in a modern way in different interior designs, including mixing them together with other patterns within color scheme for a bolder approach.

So whether you’re mad for plaid or simply in the mood for a casual pattern mix, it all comes down to checks and balances. Scroll for nine rooms where checks create a perfectly classic pattern interior.

In this masculine midnight-blue living room, plaid is the perfect pattern to create a classic gentlemanly vibe. The navy-and-white checked chairs set a heritage tone while keeping a tight color story for the room, playing off the gallery wall to add a little bit of vintage-inspired movement to the darker space.

It doesn’t get more classic than a kitchen with a black-and-white checkered tile floor. The stone tiles in this traditional white kitchen build depth from the ground up. The simplicity of all-white walls creates high contrast with the floors at first glance, with the natural marble pattern in the tiles adding dimension as you look closer.

A black-and-white checkered rug gives a bold base to a minimally decorated living room. A focused neutral color palette keeps the room restrained, creating a purposefully layered look made up of brown, black, and white.

Two upholstered check-patterned stools are the perfect accents to a feminine console and gallery wall. The hand-painted plaid adds a classic element to balance the glam golden finishes, and the pattern helps anchor the entire wall from top to bottom in black and white.

Black, white, and gray don’t always have to feel serious. Eclectic patterns encourage the eye to move around this room with ease, but one piece stands out: the black-and-white checkerboard pouf. Perhaps it’s a little bit of Op Art influence, or maybe it just reminds me of the Vans I used to own, but either way, I just can’t seem to take my eyes off it.

Vinyl tile brings sleek, chic contrast to this breakfast nook. The juxtaposition of the round table, angular brass-and-leather chairs, and diamond-checked floor pattern gives shape to a dream-worthy dining spot.

This plaid rug reminds me of my favorite fall flannel, only in this case, made to fit the floor. I can’t think of a more classically comfortable way to unwind. The black-and-white pattern adds richness to the room, giving it a sense of warmth without overwhelming the space with color.

The checks mix on this bed adds interest to a monochrome bedroom moment. The interplay of scale between the micro and buffalo checks within black-and-white color scheme builds depth that feels effortless, collected, and classic.

Checks are versatile for masculine or feminine spaces alike. In this bright modern dining room, a hot pink check rug adds an edge that’s a little bit 90s skater girl and all kinds of chic attitude. Just because checks are classic doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun.

What’s your go-to classic pattern for the home?