12 Unique Ingredients to Elevate Your Cheese Platter

>A  beautiful board piled high with several types of cheese, delicious spreads, salty crackers, and sweet dried fruit is an easy and crowd-pleasing appetizer, so why not put one together for your holiday party? Start by selecting a couple of different cheeses: one creamy, one hard, maybe a blue? Pick the cheese that you love and get creative: Choose cheeses that are different types of milk (a cow’s milk cheddar and a goat’s milk gouda) or from different regions (a Spanish manchego and French brillat-savarin). Place the cheese on a marble platter and style it with lots of tasty accoutrements.

>To encourage you to think outside the box and ensure that your cheese platter is an excellent success, here are 12 unique ingredients that will take your cheese plate to a whole new level.  

How do you jazz up your cheese plate?