Inside Chef Ludo's Stunning New Kitchen

When you’re a chef, your office is your kitchen, especially if you’re Chef Ludo Lefebvre. His kitchen needed an overhaul to create a space that can transform into a communal hotspot for his family and friends. Chef Ludo and Fisher & Paykel teamed together to give his kitchen the update it needed —making it the center of his home for family and friends to create, cook, and entertain.

With touches of copper, stainless steel, and the quintessential Burgundy vibe, Chef Ludo’s new kitchen is one to take so much inspiration from, especially during the holidays.

Keep reading to take a tour through chef Ludo’s kitchen.


“I really wanted a neutral color palette, so we definitely honored that. I also really wanted a copper sink—everyone told me I was crazy, that it didn’t fit in the décor palette, but it was really important to me. So I have my 36-inch copper farm sink and happened to find copper barstools that work perfectly to tie it all together.” — Ludo Lefebvre


“The entire kitchen is a perfect match—the stainless steel and black glass of the appliances complement the design intent of the kitchen space. The ovens are beautiful to look at and incredibly functional—they quickly heat up, provide a variety of cooking functions for all my recipes, and have even heat distribution.” — Ludo Lefebvre

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