Chelsea Handler Gets Candid About Her Decision Not to Have Kids

Updated 04/27/17
Tricia Traci / Netflix

Whether she's reminding viewers that you can, in fact, say no to marriage on her new Netflix show Chelsea, or documenting her Ayahuasca experience on Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler is always unflinchingly honest. Which is why I was especially excited to ask the comedian, author, and talk show host about her somewhat "untraditional" decision not to have children.

"I think you have to be honest about what your strengths are in life—because I don't have patience, and I wouldn't be good at it," Handler told MyDomaine. "I think a lot of people probably should be parents, but a lot of people, conversely, shouldn't. I think embracing your shortcomings isn't a bad thing." While there are plenty of actresses in Hollywood who have decided not to start a family, Handler is characteristically vocal about it—she's even created a recurring public service announcement on Chelsea called Kids: They're Not That Great.


In many ways, Handler's decision not to have kids serves as a powerful reminder that despite society's expectations, women aren't all maternal creatures destined for marriage and children. "I spent the day with my niece yesterday with my brothers and sisters, and I'm a great aunt!" she continues. "Because I don't really have any responsibilities aside from being fun. I don't have to play the long game; I can just show up and have a really good time with them. That's kind of what I'm good at in life."

Unsurprisingly, Handler's confidence and strong sense of self also manifest in her design sensibilities. "To design and decorate for someone like Chelsea is a dream situation," said the art director of her Netflix backstage room Ben Zelle. "She has great taste and is a great collaborator. And she knows what she wants. It makes it easy to achieve greatness when you collaborate with a confident client like Chelsea. More her. Less everyone else."

Tune in to the new season of Chelsea every Friday on Netflix, and share your thoughts on Handler's series below! 

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