Top 10: Christmas Tree Skirts

tree The pom-pom fringe on this Felt Mistletoe Tree Skirt, makes it simply irresistible. Misteltoe works every time. Felt Mistletoe Tree Skirt, $34, West Elm
skirt-3 The tree that is skirted by this 1964 Marimekko pattern will surely be a groovy one. Marimekko Mini Unikko Pink and Plum Tree Skirt, $129, Crate & Barrel
skirt-9 Maybe we've read The Chronicles of Narnia just one too many times, but we can't help feeling like this modern print is referencing the ice queen. Perhaps it comes with some Turkish Delight. Geometric Forest Tree Skirt, $40, Land of Nod
skirt-2 The best thing about this basket tree skirt is not it's rustic appeal, but the fact that no one can look up it! Basket Tree Skirt, $58, Terrain
skirt-11 A menagerie of animals in a rouge hue is just what some trees need this holiday season. Otomi Christmas Tree Skirt, $75, Red Envelope
skirt-5 This hand-felted and 100% wool tree skirt's neutral palette will keep it a classic for many Christmases to come. Overlapping Flowers Christmas Tree Skirt, $340, Arcadia Home
skirt-6 Just like that favorite plaid skirt you wear every Christmas, this tree skirt will also become something to look forward to unpacking every year. Traditional Plaid Tree Skirt, $35, Target
skirt-8 Rustic burlap is given a makeover with a gathered ruffled trim, how divine. Ruffled Burlap Tree Skirt, $30, World Market
skirt-12 Santa Claus is coming to town! He just has to stop off at the tailor to pick up another suit, for the original is now surrounding your tree. Santa Suit Tree Skirt, $45, Bronner's
skirt-10 Perhaps one of the Three King's will bring you a gift of gold in the form of this beaded skirt. Chandelier Beaded Tree Skirt, $595, Frontgate