These Home Office Supplies Are Too Cool for School


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Back to school is just around the corner, and it has us seriously jonesing for chic office supply upgrades. It’s possible we never outgrew the joys of acquiring fresh pencils and trapper keepers, but truthfully, it’s not really something we’re looking to outgrow. Curating the proper workspace vibe is a timeless art and one we take great pride in. After all, work is all the more fun, not to mention exponentially more productive, with the proper tools on hand.

To prove our point, we’ve lined up a selection of handsome and ultra-cool desk accessories that are sure to inspire a wave of creativity in your home office. Given the amount of time we all devote to our places of business, curating a work haven that echoes your personal style and distinctive possibility is everything. With a few small tweaks and thoughtful touches, everyday items become singular works of art. Welcome to the exhibit.