5 Times IKEA Looked Deceptively Elegant


Courtesy of Studio McGee

In the design version of Where’s Waldo?, we get a thrill out of spotting an expensive-looking IKEA item in a well-styled home. Yes, it’s somewhat exhilarating when an IKEA piece blends so seamlessly with its elevated surroundings that you have to do a double take to believe that it really came from the big-box retailer. IKEA has certainly provided us with endless first-apartment décor and DIY inspiration, but we love when it also proves to adapt equally well into elevated interiors—just as a pair of H&M loafers do in a fashion week–worthy outfit.

To help you replicate the looks, we scoured our favorite design resources for high-end IKEA spottings, and we also broke them down with the IKEA item to shop so you can replicate the same inexpensive elegance in your own home. Get ready to take the guessing game out of sourcing décor items from these chic spaces, and cheers to camouflaged IKEA!