The Bold $13 Accessory That'll Transform Your Living Room, Plus 17 More

Updated 09/29/17
Chic Living Room Décor
Original Graphic by Alison Yousefi

The living room is the focal point of the home. It's where you unwind with family and entertain guests, so it needs to be comfortable and welcoming while also showcasing your signature style and maintaining a touch of refinement. The secret to achieving a lived-in yet elegant feel is all about choosing chic living room décor items that tell a story. Indeed, details and accents are what make a space your own, as they provide a finishing touch that pulls the narrative together. And once you've collected stylish pieces that speak to you, the fun part comes in: styling.

If you're starting from scratch or want to swap out some décor with fresh pieces, consider our wish list of 18 chic living room décor items your guide to covetable interiors. And since every surface area and nook and cranny deserve equal attention, we included versatile pieces with decorating tips for every part of your living room. Ready for the grand tour? Let's start on the mantel, make our way to the coffee table and walls, and finish with the floors.

For the Mantel

Dalmatian Well Vase
Sin Dalmatian Well Vase $85

Unglazed porcelain introduces texture, and this Dalmatian-spotted vase also offers a subtle playfulness. Place it on the living room mantel, and fill it with a bouquet of your favorite florals for a pop of natural color.

Modern by Dwell Magazine Red Bookend Set $13

This bookend set is proof that you don't need to spend a huge amount of money to make a stylish statement. Put your favorite cluster of books in between them on the mantel, where the fiery hue is sure to take the spotlight.

Lindsey Adleman for Roll & Hill Agnes Candelabra $1500

This gorgeous candelabra makes a strong case for gothic glamour. The designer, Lindsey Adelman, took inspiration from Agnes, an independent frontier woman and a worker in the 1849 American Gold Rush, defying the expectation of being a wife and mother. Who needs to light the fireplace when you have the warm glow of candles in a stunning candelabra?

For the Coffee Table

acrylic clear square tray
CB2 Acrylic Clear Square Tray $40

While a see-through tray doesn't necessarily scream, "look at me," it boasts an understated sophistication. This is the perfect addition to a coffee table that's minimal and modern in design or simply needs some neatening up without stealing the spotlight from other statement pieces.

Janet Dees and Renate Aller Ocean and Desert $58

What coffee table is complete without a book of breathtaking photographs to flip through? This calming cover is reason enough to display it. But wait until you see the landscape shots inside. Renate Aller juxtaposes and reconciles these two vastly different environments, so flipping through the pages can be an intellectual pursuit, but it also delights the eye and captures your imagination. 

AllModern Decorative Natural California Driftwood Branch $31

Whether you opt for a metal structure of a natural object, it's always fun to feature an item on your coffee table that's simply for looks. This California driftwood is striking in a nondescript way and also breaks up spaces nicely. 

For the Walls

Gia Coppola Joshua Tree Photography $250

Sprucing up your walls is crucial to making the living room feel complete. Create a gallery wall, or feature an eye-catching piece. This Gia Coppola photograph would do the trick. Her objective for the piece was to represent the concept of "blind for love." If it reminds you of Picnic at Hanging Rock, you're onto something.

Concrete Cat Athena Mirror $550

This handmade frame is composed of blush- and rose-pigmented concrete. Its personality is unique and boasts both timeless style and cutting-edge design, making it a piece of art in and of itself. Hang it above the sofa or mantel. 

Menu Black Marble Wall Clock With Brass Hands $269

This marble numberless clock will instantly bring in a touch of formality. With a perfect disc shape, lacquered brass hands, and white specks, it deserves a spot on the wall. 


For the Seating

DNA by ABC Mohair Throw $350

In a rich blend of mohair and wool, this fluffy throw blanket looks and feels like a giant hug. This gorgeous orchid-raspberry hue is vivid and complements a variety of color schemes. Cuddle up with it on a night in, and then drape it over the back of your sofa. 

Consort Design Black and White Icelandic Sheepskin $325

If you're looking for ways to bring in more warmth and dimension, a sheepskin throw is a reliable solution. They're great accents to throw over an armchair or sofa in the living room, and this one, in particular, has a uniquely cozy vibe. 

Kevin O'Brien Ombre Velvet Pillow $245

Sometimes it only takes a small adjustment to make your living room feel complete, balanced, and exciting. Bring in a new throw pillow to fit your current mood and style. This one is dripping in luxury with a rich velvet and iridescent rainbow of green. 

For Organization

AYTM Curva Magazine Holder $200

This is probably the coolest magazine rack we've ever laid our eyes on. With undulating curves that contrast with the sleek iron material, your books and magazines would be lucky to call it home. It also comes in gold if that fits your style more. 

Flatiron-Wrought Steel 5 Rung Ladder $255

Lean this recycled steal ladder against the wall. It looks stylish on its own, but it can also make for a great storage solution if you'd rather display your textiles and throws than the sofa when guests come over. 

Chord Brass Log Holder
CB2 Chord Brass Log Holder $100

Even if we didn't have a functioning fireplace, we'd use this tasteful, vintage-inspired log holder in the living room. It brings instant sleek style and warmth to the floors. 

For the Floors

Dane Deck 8.5
Polar Skate Co. Dane Deck 8.5 $86

Don't be shy about showcasing personal collections and interests when it comes to designing your living room. This mustard skateboard with a black-and-white line graphic would bring some fun to a room. Even if it's just propped up against a corner wall, it's a work of art on its own.

Hafod Grange Goat's Beard Paperweight $68

Though small in scale, this paperweight is enchanting. The puffy flower (which was handpicked) is encapsulated in a polyester resin that looks more like a crystal ball. Use it to prop doors open, or set it atop a stack of books. 

Vintage Large Folk Art Giraffe Sculptures $295

And last but not least, we bring you this pair of large giraffe sculptures. Incorporating your character will make your living room come alive. So if you're drawn to lighthearted whimsy and wit, flank your fireplace with these playful, unexpected objects. 

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