Decorate Your Chicken Coop With These 9 Chic Touches

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Lisa Steele is a fifth-generation chicken keeper, aspiring herbalist, freelance writer, and author of Gardening with Chickens. She is the host of the new television show Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele airing in local Maine markets. Here Lisa shares how novice chicken keepers can decorate their coops with a few practical pieces.

More than a trend or passing phase, backyard chicken keeping is here to stay. As more and more people discover the joys of raising a backyard flock with delicious, fresh eggs at their service, chickens have become cherished backyard pets. The primary function of a chicken coop is to provide the flock a sheltered spot in which to lay their eggs and keep them safe from predators at night. A coop doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be functional. It should have spacious nesting boxes filled with soft nesting material; wide, sturdy roosting bars; plenty of ventilation; strong welded wire on the windows; and predator-proof latches on the doors that even the wiliest raccoon can’t unlatch.

But who’s to say you can’t add a bit of fun décor to your coop? From homemade treats to coops decorated with a variety of chic accoutrements, chickens enjoy living the high life while providing families with a steady supply of eggs. Chickens don’t ask for much in return, but today’s chicken keeper loves to spoil their flock. After all, spoiled chickens lay the freshest eggs! Keep reading to learn how to deck your coop.

Adding a bit of coop décor is not only fanciful, but functional. Go ahead—grab your paintbrush and get decorating!