17 Easy Chicken Soup Crockpot Recipes That Are Perfect for a Busy Day

recipes chicken soup

Half Baked Harvest

The most satisfying antidote to the frigid weather is a bowl of warm soup, but we don’t always have enough time or energy to spend with the pot on the stove, painstakingly prepping ingredients and ensuring that nothing burns all the while. That's where your crockpot comes in. We scoured our favorite food blogs to find the best crockpot chicken soup recipes. On our list, we have recipes that range in levels of creaminess and spice, and many can be easily adapted to vegetarian diets.

If you do choose to remove the meat, feel free to add potatoes, beans, chickpeas, or rice to add some heft to the soup.

Read on for our favorite easy chicken soup crockpot recipes.

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Chicken Soup

recipes chicken soup

Half-Baked Harvest

We had to start with a traditional interpretation of chicken soup. Generous vegetables and herbs make this recipe from Half Baked Harvest a go-to each winter.

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Chicken, Quinoa, and Vegetable Soup

Chicken Quinoa Vegetable Soup recipes

Chelsea's Messy Apron

Quinoa makes this chicken soup recipe unique. Chelsea from Chelsea’s Messy Apron recommends setting your crockpot to high unless you would prefer a stew-like consistency—both are equally as flavorful!

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Thai Peanut Chicken and Ramen Noodle Soup

Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup recipes

Half-Baked Harvest

For something a little different than your usual chicken noodle fare, enjoy the inclusion of ramen in this recipe from Half Baked Harvest. On the stovetop, this recipe requires patience for each step, but in the crockpot, you can forget about it until it is ready to serve.

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Thai Pomegranate Chicken Khao Soi Noodle Soup

Chicken Khao Soi Noodle Soup recipes

Half-Baked Harvest

This flavorful Asian-inspired recipe is normally made on the stovetop but easily translates to the crockpot. We have a Half Baked Harvest reader to thank for prompting this adaptation

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Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup


 Boulder Locavore

If you love Mexican food, you have to try this slow-cooker soup from Boulder Locavore. It's filled with shredded chicken, tomatoes, corn, and rice, and you top it all off with your favorite taco toppings (yes, that means guac is fair game!).

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Thai Chicken Soup


 Foodie Crush

This Foodie Crush recipe turns traditional Thai curry flavors into a delicious crockpot soup. The combination of coconut milk, curry paste, lime, and fresh ginger is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold night.

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Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup With Roasted Mushrooms


Half Baked Harvest 

Half Baked Harvest gives directions for making this chicken soup recipe on the stove, in a crockpot, or in an Instant Pot, so you've got some variety on prep method! The roasted mushrooms add an earthy flavor to the creamy soup, which goes best with a thick slice of crusty bread.

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Parmesan White Bean Chicken Soup With Roasted Delicata Squash


Half Baked Harvest

This Half Baked Harvest recipe will be your go-to when you're craving comfort food but still want to eat healthy. Slow-cooked chicken, white beans, broth, and Parmesan come together with squash for a hearty, guilt-free meal.

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King Ranch Chicken Soup


Melanie Makes

Turn the classic casserole into a soup with this recipe by Melanie Makes. The cheesy, tomato soup base gets a kick from chili powder, and it's filled with chicken and even more tomatoes. Top with tortilla chips, plain yogurt, and jalapeno slices.

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Chipotle Chicken Soup


 Melanie Makes

Spicy soups were made for cold nights, and this recipe from Melanie Makes should definitely be in your rotation. The soup blends chipotle peppers with chicken and lots of fresh veggies, so it's healthy with a kick. If you want to indulge, serve with a side of cornbread.

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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

chicken pot pie soup

Pinch of Yum

The only thing better than a set-it-and-forget-it chicken soup is a chicken pot pie soup. This slow-cooker soup recipe by Pinch of Yum turns your comfort food favorite into a delicious soup, and it's one you'll want to make weekly. We especially love the puff pastry heart on top.

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Chicken Gnocchi Soup


 Pinch of Yum

Switch it up from noodles and rice by adding gnocchi into your chicken soup. This soup recipe by Pinch of Yum combines chicken, bacon, gnocchi, and vegetables into a creamy, hearty soup made for winter nights.

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