New York Parents Could Face Jail Time If Their Child Is a Bully

Parents are often considered responsible for teaching their children social norms and how to interact with their peers, but a new anti-bullying law has taken accountability one step further. Parents in the New York town North Tonawanda could be sentenced to up to 15 days in jail and fined $250 for their child's actions, ABC reports.

The new law was passed after an incident that happened to Victoria Crago's eighth-grade son. "This young man just sucker-punched him right in the face and hit him as hard as he could," she told reporters in May. "What really alarmed me about the situation was the brazen act of violence in front of a parent." Crago created a Facebook page and gained support from the community to put pressure on parents of bullies.

Attorney Luke Brown says the aim of the law is to make parents accountable. "In reality, what we're looking for is to engage the parents in the process and try to work on a solution," he said. North Tonawanda City School District Superintendent Greg Woytila adds, "We hope to never need to use this law, but it's there for extreme cases. But we need to do a better job, and we are continually trying to do that."

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