Just In: Your Zodiac Says This Paint Color Is Your True Match

Few decisions have a greater impact on the look and feel of a room than paint color. According to color psychologists, there is a science behind choosing the perfect shade. A fiery crimson feature wall can evoke passion, bursts of forest green inspire creativity, and soothing French blue can prompt guests to feel calm as soon as they enter the room.

Given that we spend our lives within the four walls of our home, paint color is a crucial decision to get right. Opt for a hue that's too light, and a feature wall can look washed out; mistakenly choose a shade that's too dark, and your small space could look cluttered and cramped.

To take the guesswork and fatigue out of choosing the perfect paint color, we turned to MyDomaine's resident astrologer, Amelia Quint. Rather than aimlessly wander expansive aisles of paint swatches, we asked her to name the ultimate shade to suit your sign. After all, our home should be a reflection of our personality and style, and the zodiac offers a ton of insight.

From rich chocolate and burgundy to creamy vanilla and French blue, these expert-chosen shades are your perfect personality match.