Why Your 3-Year-Old Should Help With Household Chores

Just because your children are only 2 or 3 years old doesn’t mean they should be exempt from household chores. So goes the opinion of PopSugar’s Alessia Santoro, who recently created a helpful outline of age-appropriate chore suggestions for kids spanning ages 2 to 11 and above. Santoro recommends the following chores for the 2- to 3-year-old age group:

  • Put laundry in the hamper/washer
  • Put their toys away
  • Put books on the bookshelf
  • Help feed the family pet
  • Throw diapers in the trash

While toddlers are admittedly incapable of washing dishes or running the vacuum, the above chores can be used as “a kind of code for being held accountable in the smallest ways,” says Santoro. Many mothers may feel guilty about making their little ones help out around the house while others may think it easier and less of a hassle to just do the work themselves. But Santoro believes there are small, age-appropriate ways to share the workload and teach a valuable lesson in the process.

Mothers: What do you think of involving toddlers in the household chores process? Share your opinion with us, and shop this book to teach your toddler a “cleanup time” routine.