Inside a Fashion Blogger's Insanely Glam Home

When it comes to successful women we admire, Chriselle Lim is at the top of our list. The iconic fashion blogger has a crazy-busy schedule that takes her all over the world, but she still manages to look insanely elegant while doing it. She’s also one of the coolest moms we know (you have to check out her daughter Chloe’s super-cute outfits!). So now that we’ve established she has great taste, we’re happy to report that it extends beyond her outfit choices and into interior design.

Gray Malin was invited into her gorgeous and glam home to hang some of his iconic beach photographs. “When it comes to decorating my own home it’s very similar to my own personal style,” Lim told the photographer. “Minimalistic, monochromatic, airy, and a dash of glam. Because my work life is so crazy, when I come home I want to feel relaxed and at peace. I think that is why I love sticking to neutral tones because it clears my mind and allows me to breathe, but I do like adding fun colorful elements with the accessories.” We love her neutral take on the family home. If you love it too, then take the tour and shop the look.