Chrissy Teigen’s Secret Cooking Tips

Although she’s a model who appeared in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Chrissy Teigen is an advanced home cook and food lover. She’s not afraid of eating Shake Shack burgers or chicken pot pie soup, and in her new cookbook, Cravings, many of the recipes—including buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, Frito pie, and super tuna melts—aren't exactly healthy. She’s a champion deep-fryer who, along with husband John Legend, was on the cover of Architectural Digest in 2014. In honor of the book's release, AD is sharing some of Teigen’s culinary secrets that it learned while interviewing and shooting the pretty chef two years ago. These tips weren't published at the time of the story and are not found in the book. Ready to cook like Chrissy? Here are five of her secret culinary tips.

  1. Always make things by hand. Teigen told AD the following about tomato soup: “It’s so good. It’s just so clean and good for you. The act of cutting the tomatoes and salting them with the olive oil and then roasting them is just so beautiful to me—the whole process. And then you mill it by hand. I mean, anyone can throw things in a Vitamix or something, but I like doing everything by hand.”
  2. Order groceries with a delivery service. Teigen uses Instacart to get her groceries delivered from Whole Foods.
  3. Use frozen pie crusts. “Everyone should use frozen pie crusts—it’s genius!” she said. “Pillsbury makes a great one. It’s already in the tin, of course; everything’s already done. If you want to make a quiche, you just pour in cream and eggs and vegetables and pop it in the oven and it’s done.”
  4. Shop at multiple markets. When she needs ingredients like fried onions for traditional green bean casserole, Teigen goes to Key Foods.
  5. Watch TV while you cook. “I have to have something on, even if I’m not paying attention,” explains Teigen. “That’s why I like crappy reality TV so much, just because you don’t have to be watching it.”

Get more of Chrissy’s culinary advice in her cookbook, Cravings.